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The new collaboration between Amauta Marketing and MBA Research looks promising. MBA Research is located in downtown Montreal and specializes in marketing studies, more precisely in quantitative and qualitative research. They have mandated Amauta Marketing to set up and manage its web advertising campaigns.

MBA Research employs innovative methodologies and tools to survey representative, stable and well-defined samples of the Quebec population to collect precise marketing information. Their clients get quick feedback from segments of the population on different topics, notably on consumer habits. This helps their clients establish appropriate marketing positioning and strategy to drive sales.

MBA Research is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) a well as Insights Association, and fully respect practices and codes of conduct of these associations.

Amauta Marketing’s work will occur upstream and will consist of promoting the company on the web to generate interest of new panelists and to entice them to join the survey groups.


The marketing research firm, MBA Research, is renewing its confidence in Amauta Marketing for the third consecutive year with the development of a Google Ads campaign to acquire more panelists for its researches.

Since 1991, MBA Research has offered services with added value of allowing marketing research professionals and advertising executives to guide their clients in their decisions with the help of flexible and efficient tools.

To learn more about MBA Research, please visit: www.mbarecherche.com