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You’ve made up your mind and now your digital marketing strategy must include social media posts on a regular basis. But how do you do it, and what are the advantages of keeping your editorial calendar up to date?

Amauta Marketing, a web marketing agency in Laval, will give you all the details you need on the importance of editorial calendars.

A brief definition of the editorial calendar

Editorial calendars are easy to understand. Basically, they are calendars that group together all your social media posts. However, they are not limited to that aim and they can also contain the following:

  • Newsletters dispatch dates
  • Video production coordination dates
  • Calendars for the implementation of your marketing campaign, etc.

Having an editorial calendar allows you to keep an eye on your daily and weekly objectives.

On the long term, it allows you to check, change or maintain your editorial line. In short, it’s a very versatile content management tool, central in applying a coherent marketing strategy.

By having a proper content calendar, you avoid repeating the same subjects and themes that you have addressed many times before. There’s nothing wrong in coming back to a topic several months after it’s been posted to add interesting updates, but search engines like Google give preference to unique, specific and varied content.

How do you build an effective editorial calendar?

Keep in mind that editorial calendars are calendars in every sense of the word. Insert in your calendar all the important dates such as national holidays and any event that could be interesting in terms of your content production.

For example, a vet that wants to post on social media at the right time should know several important dates relative to animals and their care. They should know, for instance, that International Cat Day is on August 8th.

The advantage of knowing the important dates in your industry gives you the power to generate content linked to those dates at a moment when traffic on a given topic is guaranteed to be more sustained.

Topics always perform better if they are relevant when they are being posted. An article on the importance of changing your air conditioner will always do better if it is posted during a heatwave than during the middle of January. Think about the added value for the target audience if they receive the information they need at the most appropriate moment. Content naturally organizes itself around a need. It’s up to you to evaluate how to respond to this need in the most sensible way.

Even if your business is seasonal, nothing stops you from creating content yearlong. In fact, if your business has to make the most of certain peak periods in the year, it’s all the more important to plan your digital content well. Most social media websites offer the possibility of scheduling your posts ahead of time with a calendar.

Keep your editorial calendar up to date

The social media calendar directly integrated in most platforms (for example, the Meta Business Suite for Facebook) is a tool often appreciated for its automation capacities. Indeed, through such a tool it’s possible to schedule postings weeks and months ahead of time.

The secret in keeping your editorial calendar up to date is to divide it in a way that’s logical for your business. Remember that content can be scheduled for a month or a season in advance.

Putting future content in an editorial calendar usually resolves two situations with one tool. By having, in the same place, a content strategy, and a social media management strategy, you optimize the coherence of your content and your chances of success.

Make sure to address your topic from a distinctive angle with respect to the competition. Several articles can be about the same topic, but if your content is different from others, it is more likely to be compelling to your target audience and interesting to search engines.

Amauta Marketing, your next partners for your digital marketing

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Launched in 2016, the TikTok app made some noise in the social network world.

Booming today, this new marketing tool gives brands and businesses the opportunity to stand out with their imagination, sometimes where other social networks don’t allow it.

Currently, the platform has more than one billion active monthly users worldwide, with an estimated usage time of the app of just under an hour per day, higher than Facebook. Also, in 2020, TikTok was ranked as the most downloaded application in North America.

With this growing usage, TikTok joins other social networks like Facebook and Instagram in the list of communication tools to be used by professionals. Therefore, in order to make the most of this application, a real marketing strategy must be set up. Amauta Marketing, a web marketing agency, accompanies you in the management of your social networks.

What are the advantages of using the TikTok application? On the contrary, are there any disadvantages linked to its use? Read on to get answers to these queries.


TikTok, The New Generation Marketing Tool

What Is TikTok?

Developed by the Chinese company ByteDance, the TikTok application is defined as a social network for sharing short videos, combining images, music, filters and other creative effects.

Offering the possibility to develop one’s sense of creativity, each user has a profile and can comment, like and follow their favorite accounts.

With its ease of shifting from one video to another or accessing different editing functions, the application has an addictive impact for its users. Highly appreciated by the young generation, everything is thought out with the aim that “tiktokers” do not leave the social platform.

The Advantages of TikTok

The integration of TikTok in a marketing strategy has several advantages.

Indeed, as we can find it on other advertising platforms, TikTok ads offer a “First-Party” and “Third-Party” targeting. The interest lies in the fact of interacting in a natural way with an audience targeted according to various characteristics such as geolocation, language or the mobile device used. Subsequently, relevant information about products and services is offered to users in order to convert them into customers.

Some studies claim that at least 60% of Generation Z, corresponding to people born between 1997 and 2010, have already made an online purchase via a smartphone under the influence of an ad.

Moreover, the viral effect of the content published on TikTok is undeniably a solid asset. Indeed, a relevant, attractive, unique and creative content can become viral and be propelled in trend as well as on the homepage of the users, made possible thanks to the “For you” algorithm. Through this viral process, a brand’s visibility and awareness can rapidly increase.

Today, only a few companies are using TikTok’s features fully and effectively. Thus, to stand out becomes accessible on this social network.

The Disadvantages of TikTok

In addition to the advantages displayed by the application, TikTok also has some negative aspects.

The first problem is specific to the world of digital marketing: performance indicators and analysis tools.

Indeed, with the increase of the use of the creative platform, branders who want to address a particular target do not have relevant statistics. However, before deploying an influencer campaign, objectives must be established. The lack of figures, caused by the lack of an efficient analysis tool, makes it difficult to measure success.

Similarly, a second obstacle could slow down the desire of professionals to commit to the application: the high cost of advertising.

Advertising rates on TikTok depend on several factors, such as the advertising format, the duration of the campaign or the bidding allocated to the ads. In-feed advertising, characterized by a full-screen video of 5 to 30 seconds, which contains a link leading directly to an external website, remains a good way to develop brand awareness and increase traffic towards your site. However, a significant budget is necessary to put up with relatively high costs.

Amauta Marketing Takes Care of Your Social Networks

On TikTok in particular, and social networks in general, the stakes are high. To fully commit oneself in order to develop one’s notoriety and to drive more traffic on one’s website requires a real expertise.

Amauta Marketing, an agency specialized in web marketing, will help you achieve your goals. Its team of experts will help you make the most of social networks. With Amauta Marketing’s Ready, Aim, Fire! concept, let us guide you to approach social media in the interest of your brand. With Amauta Marketing, social networks become as easy as child’s play!