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Working with a Google Partner Certified agency is a big advantage. In 2018, Amauta Marketing has once again earned its Google Partner certification to the pride of our whole team and the benefit of our clients.

  1. Recognized expertise

Working with an agency that is Google certified proves that your agency has the technical skills and expertise necessary to effectively use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Ads campaigns. Certified Members have been evaluated and are proficient at Google best practices.

  1. Masters of all the tools and features

Google Ads campaigns can become fairly complex depending on your business objectives. Google Partner Certification ensures that the agency is familiar with all the different options and tool configurations to give you optimal results, the best quality, at the right cost.

  1. Quality of service verification

Google regularly audits your Google certified agency through performance follow-ups to ensure that you get the best possible service for your Google Ads campaigns. This allows you to invest wisely, knowing that your interests will be the highest priority.

  1. Access to personalized advice

One of the main benefits of working with a certified agency, is that you have quick access to a Google representative who can answer all your questions, whether it be technical or account management.

  1. All the latest advancements

Finally, Google Partner Certification allows your agency to be aware of the latest feature developments or apps and make them available to you before your competition. An excellent way to be at the leading edge of the market.

So, do not hesitate and discover all that Amauta Marketing can offer you.


Again, this year, Google Partners has recognized the expertise of Amauta Marketing by announcing that two members of the Amauta team, Hernan Cespedes and Erik Barboza, have passed and obtained Google Ads Certifications in the following categories:

  • Search Engine Advertising Certification
    • Display Advertising Certification
    • Video Advertising Certification

In the web marketing world, technologies evolve rapidly. That’s why Amauta Marketing insists that its teams be aware of the latest changes and trends to better serve its clients’ needs. These certifications confirm our seriousness as your web marketing supplier.

As you know, Google Partner Certification cannot be taken for granted. In fact, it must be renewed regularly since Google verifies the competencies of an agency with such certification. It is with pride that our team has once again successfully passed the test, renewing our partnership with Google.

Furthermore, Amauta Marketing is proud to have obtained the following certifications for our expertise :

–       Search Engines Advertising
–       Display Ads
–       Video Ads
–       Mobile Advertising

We are proud to announce that Amauta Marketing is now a Google Certified Partner. Only a few marketing companies, agencies, professionals, and web experts, are Google certified to expertly manage Google Ads campaigns. Google Partners are known for excellence, competency and experience on Google services and best practices.

As in many sectors of activity, web advertising has its own expert community. Today, many professionals and companies pretend to be web marketing experts, without the proper credentials.

But think about it. When you are looking somebody to manage your finances or your tax report, you prefer a Certified Financial Advisor or a Certified Professional Accountant, right? In the same way, it makes sense from a business standpoint to hire a certified professional to manage your web advertising campaigns.

Google offers one of the most recognized web certification programs and becoming a Google Certified Partner is not an easy task.

Companies earn the Google Partner Badge which means that the company is in good health, able to manage a certain volume and a variety of different types of web ad campaigns over a determined period and use Google best practices. In-depth certification tests under rigorous standards have to be completed on a regular basis to keep the Partner status.

Amauta Marketing offers the best possible level of service and solutions to our clients. Now that we are supported by one of the most important web experts in the world, Google, we are eager to offer new opportunities to our clientele through this partnership.