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Again, this year, Google Partners has recognized the expertise of Amauta Marketing by announcing that two members of the Amauta team, Hernan Cespedes and Erik Barboza, have passed and obtained Google Ads Certifications in the following categories:

  • Search Engine Advertising Certification
    • Display Advertising Certification
    • Video Advertising Certification

In the web marketing world, technologies evolve rapidly. That’s why Amauta Marketing insists that its teams be aware of the latest changes and trends to better serve its clients’ needs. These certifications confirm our seriousness as your web marketing supplier.

  1. Google advertising revenues are bigger than the whole of the USA printing sector.

Source : The Wonder of Tech

  1. 30% of companies use Search Engine Advertising while 28% use Display Advertising.

Source : MediaPost

  1. Total advertising expenses on the web is increasing by 16% annually and mobile advertising by 11%.

Source : TechCrunch

  1. 61% of marketing directors declared that search engines are efficient communication channels.

Source :  AdWeek

  1. More than half of web marketing budgets are dedicated to search, of which 31% is put to search engine advertising ads and 18% on search engine optimizing (SEO).

Source : MarketingProfs

  1. Regarding PPC ads, 86% of all advertising impressions are credited to the first four search results.

Source : ClickZ

  1. Overall, American marketing professionals will spend more than $103 billion in search marketing, display, social networks and email marketing in 2019. To be noted, search marketing will remain the largest part of total web expenses.

Source : MediaPost

  1. in 2015, search marketing expenses will reach $31.6 billion in the United-States.

Source : MediaPost

  1. By 2019, marketing expenses for search engine advertising and organic optimization will reach $45 billion in the United States.

Source : MediaPost