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In the ever-changing world of web marketing, choosing the right agency to help your business grow is crucial. However, many Quebec SMEs face a number of frustrating obstacles. If you recognize yourself in any of the following problems, it may be time to reconsider your web marketing partner.

Lack of personalized service: You feel like just another number, with no special attention paid to your specific needs.

No communication: E-mails and voicemails go unanswered, leaving you uncertain about the progress of your projects.

Insufficient follow-up: There’s no regular monitoring of the strategies implemented, leaving you in the dark as to the progress and performance of your campaigns.

Constant change of managers: The person in charge of your file changes so often that you have to constantly re-explain your objectives and history.

Feeling like a “small” client: You’re made to feel, directly or indirectly, that your business isn’t important enough to merit special attention.

Generic strategies: proposed solutions seem to be copy-pastes of other campaigns, with no adaptation to your unique context.

Lack of transparency: It’s difficult to obtain clear, precise reports on the effectiveness of actions taken.

High, unjustified costs: You pay a premium price with no corresponding added value.

Obsolete technology: The tools and strategies used seem outdated, preventing you from benefiting from the latest innovations.

Lack of training and advice: Little or no guidance is offered to help you understand and get involved in your web marketing process.

The Amauta Marketing solution: At Amauta Marketing, we understand these frustrations. Our approach is SME-centric because we specialize in partnering with SMEs like yours. Our mission is to provide a different, highly personalized web marketing experience. Here’s how we address those frustrations:

Exceptional customer service: Every customer is precious, no matter how big or small. We offer personalized service and attention to every detail of your project.

Open communication: Our team is committed to answering all your questions promptly and keeping you informed of your project’s progress.

Dedicated follow-up: We provide regular monitoring to discuss performance and adjust strategies accordingly.

Stability: A dedicated account manager will know your business and its objectives inside out, guaranteeing continuity and in-depth understanding.

Tailor-made strategies: We develop strategies specifically tailored to your market, target audience and objectives.

Total transparency: We believe in total transparency, so you’ll have access to detailed, understandable reports.

Value for money: Our solutions are designed to deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Innovation: We use the most advanced technologies to keep your campaigns on the cutting edge.

Support and training: We provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to understand and actively participate in your web marketing strategy.

At Amauta Marketing, we’re passionate about our customers’ success. If you’re ready for a digital web marketing experience where your business is valued and understood, it’s time to contact us. Together, we can turn your frustrations into success.


For companies looking to take advantage of the web to grow their business they have a choice of two ways to drive traffic to their web site: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Web Advertising. SEO can be a slow process and companies in competitive markets cannot afford to wait to get ranked on the first page of search results. This is one of the reasons there is more and more investment made in web advertising. “Web advertising is a marketing strategy offering quick and measurable results, and with the biggest return on investment (ROI). ”In fact, it is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system, which means that you only pay when an Internet user looking for your products or services on search engines, clicks on your ad to access your website. It is recommended you contact a web advertising expert with technical competences to manage your web advertising campaign.

Here is what he/she can do for you:

  • List relevant keywords
  • Manage your Google Webmaster Tool account
  • Establish your monthly PPC budget
  • Optimize your sponsored ads
  • Create your landing page
  • Provide daily follow-ups of your ad campaign
  • Measure results of your campaign

A Google Ads campaign can be expensive if keywords aren’t relevant, or if you don’t have the knowledge or time to do the management and necessary adjustments throughout your campaign.

10 reasons to hire a web advertising expert :

  1. Finding the right keywords is not an easy task

The search for the right keywords is important for the success on the web. Right away your web advertising expert will spend a lot of time on this and continue to monitor it all throughout a web advertising campaign. If you choose a wrongly targeted or irrelevant keyword, your monthly budget will quickly vanish, bringing you few or no results.

Here are the sources to look for keywords:

  • Google Keywords Tool (free)
  • Within the corporate communication of your company
  • From your competition (websites)
  • In your field of activity


  1. The writing of your ad can generate a strong conversion rate

One of the main advantages of working with a web advertising expert is their capacity to do a web review and competitive analysis. They know the landscape and how to analyze your competition’s advertising and create ads that convert based on their expertise. An ad with Google Ads is not as easy as it may seem, each word is crucial to increase the number of clicks on your ad, generate qualified traffic to your website, and convert prospects into new clients.

  1. Campaign follow-up and data analysis requires expertise

The foundation of any good web advertising campaign lies in the follow-up and data analysis. A precise analysis will tell you which ads and keywords are more likely to attract more conversions.

Google tracking code placed on your landing page or website requires basic know-how in HTML programming. It is best to ask your webmaster or programmer to do the installation for you. If you also wish to follow your sale leads from telephone calls, additional programming and expertise is then required.

  1. Are you fluent in web advertising terminology?

You probably know what “Pay-Per-Click” means, but do you know the meaning of: CPM, CPC, CPA? Are you still with us? And what about the difference between impressions, views and requests? Do you know what remarketing means? It is crucial to understand these words and terms to properly manage your web advertising campaigns.

  1. Tweaking campaign parameters can be tricky

In your Google Ads account, there are many parameters that you should understand and adjust to ensure maximum visibility to your sponsored ads on search engines.

Here are some essential targeting parameters:

  • Geographic zone: city, region, country, area
  • Monthly budget
  • Google Search Partners
  • Devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Languages
  • Bid strategy
  • Ad display mode (starting dates/end, schedules and days)


Without a thorough understanding of these parameters and sufficient web advertising experience, you run the risk of paying way too much for non-qualified traffic. A web advertising expert can help you avoid these pitfalls.

  1. What is an efficient landing page for you?


Relevance is not only a word used in SEO; it is equally important in web advertising. The more relevant your landing page, the less you’ll spend to convert Internet users into customers. A web marketing expert not only understands the landing page creative principles, they also know how to evaluate its relevance. An A/B test is a technique used by web marketing experts to compare many landing pages and improve conversions. In fact, this comparison can often reveal a conversion rate difference between 1% and 5%.


  1. Knowledge of your industry and experience with other clients

There is a strong possibility that your web advertising expert has previously worked with other clients in your category. The majority of web marketing agencies won’t collaborate with your direct competition. However, if they have run an ad campaign for similar companies like yours in the past, that experience could be beneficial to you.

  1. Stay on top of the latest trends in web marketing

A marketing specialist stays informed on the latest trends by reading blogs, news websites and specialized press. They go to events (including networking) and conferences in the field many times a year to stay current. They can also count on valuable advice from partners and colleagues who all have expertise and their own specialties (programming, graphic design, writing, strategy, etc.).

  1. Do you really have the time?

If you run a company, you probably already have hundreds of tasks a day. Do you really have the time to manage your own Google Ads account and give it the necessary attention? Many marketing specialists approach web advertising with a more relaxed attitude thinking that it is simpler than SEO.

  1. Save by hiring a web marketing expert

With web advertising, you pay each time an Internet user clicks on your ad. That means your monthly budget could increase every month. Bad management of your Google ads campaign can drive up costs and increase exponentially. Unless you have the technical expertise, or Google Ads certification and SEO experience, you should always ask a web marketing expert to assist you, it will save you time and money.  A web marketing expert has the know-how in data analysis of your web properties (by using Google Analytics in particular) and they can provide an objective snapshot of your web presence. Then, your consultant will make the recommended changes to reach your objectives (awareness, conversions, sales). With a web advertising campaign such as Google Ads, you will get quick results (compared to SEO). This will generate targeted, qualified traffic and increase conversions and sales (for e-commerce websites).

If you wish to improve your web presence, increase your sales on your e-commerce website, or generate new leads on the web, trust Amauta Marketing and learn more about our web advertising service.