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To know if your Google Ads campaigns are efficient, you should be able to measure the conversion rate. That means you should be able to verify if your ad campaign leads to a conversion action, either filling out an information request form, or giving you a telephone call.

Offering just a phone number is not enough…

If customer phone calls are important to your sales, it would be an advantage to track exactly how an Internet user finds your number and makes the call. They can find you either through a Google search, or perhaps having seen one of your online ads. But how effectively is your advertising generating phone calls? You can track whether a customer has performed a keyword Google search, and called the phone number listed on your website, or you can track whether a call-only ad has generated a phone call.

But what if a potential customer calls you three weeks after having jotted down your number on a piece of paper? How do you determine that the conversion is a result of your Google Ads campaign?

… you need to trace the calls

Today, Google Ads has a solution: a JavaScript snippet to be installed on your website. This free feature identifies the calls made from the call number on your website following a Google Ad search. Every time an Internet user dials your number, the call is being automatically transferred to a Google generated number. One call, one unique number.

You can then know the origin of each call, link it to an ad campaign, and measure the conversion rate. You can easily evaluate the return on your investment (ROI) by comparing the number of potential clients reached and the cost of your ad campaigns. You can also have access to a monthly historical log to help you evaluate your web marketing strategies.

This call tracing formula is not often proposed when discussing advertising investment. Even though it is extremely efficient. Talk to us, as we know all there is to know about it.

Did you know that 43% of conversions are from the telephone? And that 65% of companies consider their call service as the most profitable source of quality prospects.

The majority of your potential clients gets in touch with your company by telephone. And often, the people who contact you directly by telephone have an urgent need for your products or services. All this underlines the importance that companies measure and track calls originating from their PPC web campaign.

What is Call-tracking?

Call-tracking is about assigning a unique phone number that you can add to your website or promo material. Then, from this number, you can record your incoming calls and all dates linked to these calls. You can also choose different telephone numbers depending on the communication method your prospects use to reach your company. This multiple number technique allows you to analyze your communication campaign results based on channels used. This call-tracking solution allows also to display with dynamic fashion your call numbers on your website based on Internet user source of visit.

Why track your calls from Google Ads?

  • To measure precisely the return on your investment (ROI) on buying referencing
  • To efficiently manage calls from PPC campaign
  • To follow calls generated by a campaign or a specific keyword

When you know the origin of your telephone prospects it allows you to make wise strategic decisions and more effectively determine your marketing budget and sale strategy. Without telephone data, companies limit themselves to only the data analysis through web forms. It results in important off-line prospects with no follow-up and lost sales.

The benefit of tracking calls from Google Ads: Which keywords drive conversions?

More than half of marketing professionals say that growing the number of incoming calls generated by their web advertising campaigns (Google Ads) is their priority, since telephone calls have a higher conversion rate. Using a tool to track the number of incoming calls not only allows you to know precisely which keywords have led to calls, but it also allows you to measure the return on your investment (ROI) of your web advertising campaigns. You can then focus on using the keywords that effectively convert more offline prospects and remove keywords that are performing poorly in the context of a PPC campaign. 

What data is obtained when a call is tracked?

We track the duration of each call; we record the conversation and we report a variety of data such as geotargeting (geographic zone of the issuer), device type used to make the call (smartphone, landline) and more.

Here’s how call tracking works in 4 steps:

  1. A prospect does a web search, sees your ad and clicks on it.
  2. They are then redirected to a landing page on which is displayed a unique telephone number that we can track (such as a Google Ads Call Extension)
  3. The Internet user then clicks (or calls) the number at this step the call is transmitted to your company.
  4. Once the connection with your company is established, data on the caller is collected, including the keyword that led to the call, the duration of the call and the originating ad campaign.

Determine the number of calls generated by each of your advertisements

We all know, it is easier to demonstrate the return on investment of your web conversions with Google Analytics in particular versus those acquired by offline tactics. A call-tracking software allows you from then on to easily track the return on investment (ROI) of your telephone conversions as a result of a PPC campaign. You then have a clear picture (web and offline) of your PPC expenses.

Improve your customer service by tracking your calls

Another advantage of call tracking is that through the analysis of your calls you’ll also know the expectations and interests of your clients and prospects. You’ll see their common questions and how well your company provides answers. As well, you will discover how your prospects came to find out about your company and through the recording of the calls, you’ll see how effectively your sales team communicates with them by telephone. You can then improve your customer service by meeting their expectations while optimizing your customer acquisition campaigns.

You would like to know more about call-tracking?

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