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B2B web marketing is about the online targeting of manufacturers, industry experts, service companies, IT companies and other enterprises relevant to your category, so you can develop business relationships. B2B web marketing is comprised of search engine optimization (B2B SEO) and search engine marketing, or web advertising (B2B SEM).

  1. B2B SEO – Search engine optimization

SEO is a search marketing strategy that aims to position your website in organic search engine results with keywords related to your company activity. SEO is the marketing strategy with the best conversion rate and the lowest cost of acquisition.

  1. B2B PPC – Web advertising or paid referencing

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising allows you to showcase your services, increase the number of visits to your website, or reach specific conversion objectives. Web advertising is the marketing strategy that produces the biggest return on investment since it is a pay per click payment (PPC). You only pay when the Internet user clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Your website is the first source of information for the B2B decision makers

Even if B2B marketing concentrates on business relationships, 8 out of 10 company managers use the web to look for information on a product, a service, or a company. From a BDC Points of View study on B2B marketing (September 2013), 69% of company managers consider the company’s website as the information source that has the most impact on their buying decision. Did you know that 57% of the decision process is over even before contacting a rep?

Design of B2B e-commerce websites

Almost like a brick and mortar store, you should design your website to showcase your products and services, but primarily to sell. That’s why you need real conversion objectives. Websites are no longer just for window shopping, today it should be working hard to convert a maximum of prospects into customers. A website is too often considered a major expense when in fact it is a profitable investment for a small and medium size business. A B2B website is essential for generating qualified leads or sales paths for your reps.

3 keys to a successful website

  1. Offer relevant content to attract your specific audience
  2. Use effective calls to action to draw the attention of your visitors
  3. Create landing pages with contact forms to convert prospects.

Here’s what your potential clients are looking for on the web

  1. List of the products and services you offer
  2. Key personnel and contact info
  3. Concise description and benefits of your products or services

In B2B, the purchase decision is much more rational than in B2C, so it is important that a B2B website contains content like video demonstrations, or case studies with a product to demonstrate the usefulness and benefits.

Analyze your website with Google Analytics

Your website should be constantly evolving with information being updated regularly, particularly your products and services. With Google Analytics you’ll know the number of visitors to your web site, the time spent on each page, data on your Internet users (age, geographic zone), the products or services that get the most attention and the most visited sections.

Main data to watch on your website

  • Bounce rate
  • Keywords analysis
  • Internet users comments

Conversion tracking

Track indicators such as lead cost, client acquisition cost, client conversion rates. This allows you to evaluate profitability and the return on your website investment.