Retargeting: How to seduce again visitors on your website

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Retargeting, or remarketing, is a great way to connect with people who have previously shown interest in your products or services. The idea is to reach a prospective customer through banner ads or emails after a visit to your website. Today, 20% of marketing professionals dedicate an increasing budget to retargeting. In fact, over the last few years, we are hearing more about this efficient component of digital marketing.

Retargeting or Remarketing:  How does it works?

Retargeting is an advertising technique used to follow people who have visited your website. It works by automatically inserting pixel tags on each page of your website which generate cookies to Internet users surfing your web pages. The cookies will be used to track a user’s IP or email addresses. For example, visitors have shown interest in your products and services on your website by adding to a shopping cart, but they have abandoned before finalizing the purchase. The aim is to generate more sales or leads by enticing potential buyers again, using banner ads or emails. This tactic has Internet users exposed to a new targeted message (for either a product or service they have shown interest in) at another moment in the buying cycle. CTR, conversion rates and sales are higher with retargeting.

This effectiveness is why retargeting is appealing to so many companies who are tired of losing visitors without a conversion action. Retargeting efforts can take the form of display ads, search ads, social media ads, or emails. When the visitor comes back to the website or goes to a website partner network (Google Display Network, TheTradeDesk, etc.) the cookie identifies them. The advertiser will then be able to show a relevant advertisement or send a targeted email featuring the abandoned shopping cart with the message: “Have you forgotten something?”

Why use remarketing?

This automatic web marketing strategy can enable your company to reach many objectives including an increase in sales, increase in awareness, and an increase the number of subscriptions to newsletters. Often used by e-commerce merchants, remarketing is a tool not to be overlooked for targeting clients, sending them personalized communications, and increase conversion rates.

In conclusion, here are 4 tips to optimize your remarketing strategy:

  1. Dynamic remarketing is an automatic advertisement which shows up and reminds Internet users that they have visited your web page and shown interest in one of your products or services.
  2. Use the name of your competitors in your Google Ads remarketing campaigns
  3. Combine Google and Facebook, take advantage of this duo which has double the CTR – think of a multi-channel strategy
  4. Create client loyalty by thanking them for their recent purchase with an email with a selection of items under the title “You might also like.” Consider offering a discount on their next purchase.

Amazon is the premium e-commerce website to have developed a retargeting strategy. It’s no wonder retargeting contributes to 35% of its sales!

What are you waiting for? Amauta Marketing can create a complete web strategy including targeted remarketing campaigns to maximize the return on your website.



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