be able to offer your visitors a second chance to become customers

Remarketing is essentially creating personalized display ad campaigns for users who have previously visited your website. The basic idea is to reach out to users who already know your brand or products and have much higher chances of converting. It’s all about targeting the user on several occasions, personalizing them as we go along, and encouraging him or her to move along the conversion funnel.

The most popular remarketing tool is Google AdWords and its process can be narrowed down to three steps:

  • The user visits your website or consumes your brand’s content
  • This user is then tagged with a cookie and is added to a remarketing list 
  • We then launch a campaign with ads shown only to users on this list

There are different types of remarketing:

  • Standard. Shows display ads to people who have previously visited a page. The ads are shown in websites and app in the display network
  • Dynamic:similar to standard remarketing, but with the difference that the ads are personalized depending on the products and services the users were looking at on the website
  • For mobile apps:in this case, the ads are shown specifically in app and on mobile websites
  • For search engine ads: this kind of campaign does not include display ads but are shown when users who have already visited your website are searching on Google. This lets us narrow down your target significantly: not only are they people who have already visited your website, but they are even still searching for things related to your products and services
  • Video:in video remarketing, we do not create our remarketing list based on people who have visited your website, but rather people who have interacted with videos or your YouTube channel. The ads are then shown within YouTube itself, on websites and in apps.
  • By distribution list: Here, we can choose to have your ads shown to a specific list of previously collected emails addresses, such as, for example, the people who have subscribed to your newsletter.

The advantages of remarketing for your brand:

  • Maximum personalization.Personalizing your remarketing lists offers an endless amount of possibilities for you to make the most of. Essentially, we can use two key factors: an action carried out by a user (visiting page X, for example) and the amount of time passed since that action. It means that we can target users with different interests at different moments in the purchasing process and offer them maximum personalization.
  • Increasing your reach. Google’s display network has over 2 million websites and apps. We can also use Facebook Ads which also offer truly impressive outreach abilities. In other words: you will definitely be able to reach out to users who are potentially interested in your brand, no matter where they are.
  • Brand reminder. How many times have you visited a website that you liked but then simply forgot about it? With remarketing, we can make sure you remain in your users’ thoughts and can maintain a relationship with them.
  • Meeting your marketing goals.Thanks to the several options we have in creating lists, in places to capture your users and places where your ads are shown, remarketing adapts itself to a great variety of situations and goals.
  • Increase in conversions. Reach out to users right when they are most likely to convert, as they will already have shown interest in your brand. By carefully choosing the places where your ads are shown, we can personalize your points of contact to have a greater impact.


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