Referral program

At Amauta Marketing, referring a new client pays off!

From now on, both its current clients and advertising, public relations, or communication agencies, that do not necessarily offer its services, will be paid a commission when a contract is signed with a new client, they have referred to Amauta Marketing. This attractive 10% commission will be payable monthly and will apply for the duration of the new client’s contract. For example, if the new contract has a life span of 2 years, Amauta Marketing will pay a 10% commission of the total of this contract, each month to the client or to the advertising, public relations or communication agency that referred the new client to Amauta Marketing. With this new program, Amauta Marketing aims to expand its clientele, in a transparent manner, by indicating that it is ready to welcome new clients.

Since 2005, Amauta Marketing has been a leader in web marketing. Certified Google Partner and accredited Bing Professional, Amauta Marketing offers its services in French, English and Spanish. And all its services are focused on measurable results to increase its clients’ visibility on the web, maximize the return on their investment and allow them to expand into new lucrative markets.