Canadian marketing professionals finally have access to a tool already available in the United States: call transfer. This means they will be able to measure in-coming calls generated by a Google Ads campaign.


The Smartphone: an essential communication channel of the digital age

Numerous studies have shown that telephone contact is the preferred communication channel for many prospects to contact your company. So, following up in-coming calls generated from a web marketing campaign is crucial for business owners to achieve a complete picture of the effectiveness of their marketing tactics.

According to a DialogTech study, mobile in-coming calls are on the rise, in particular those from landing pages and organic searches.


3 ways to generate calls from Google Ads 

  1. Call from ad exclusively and call extension
  2. Google call transfer number as displayed on your website
  3. Click on displayed telephone number on mobile web site

With Google call transfer numbers, Canadian marketing professionals have the ability to measure calls they receive from sponsored ads.

Local telephone number is preferred by prospects

By using a Google call transfer number as a call extension or in a Call only ad, Google assigns a unique telephone number to the ad. This can be a toll-free number, or a local number displayed in an ad while being displayed on tablets, laptops, or desktops.

If the ad is shown on a smartphone (iPhone or Android devices), a clickable call button is displayed.

Business owners can then analyze their in-coming calls with regional code caller, call duration and then record the conversions.

Google call transfer number displayed on your website

“Even though call extensions and call ads are very efficient, many clients or prospects want to better know your company by clicking on a Google ad and learn more on your proposed products and services on your website” declared Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, Google Ads.

The website call conversion feature is powerful since it automatically transfers calls originating from a Google call transfer number from your website. You can then identify, and measure generated calls from a click from a Google ad. When an Internet user clicks on your website telephone number or dials directly from their phone, you can assign a conversion value to the call or a keyword of the ad that has attracted the client.

A rigorous follow-up for more conversions

It is possible to index calls of more than 5 minutes for example, which can allow you to automate and optimize keywords bidding, generating better quality calls. Factors such type of device used, location and time of call are integrated.

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