To know if your Google Ads campaigns are efficient, you should be able to measure the conversion rate. That means you should be able to verify if your ad campaign leads to a conversion action, either filling out an information request form, or giving you a telephone call.

Offering just a phone number is not enough…

If customer phone calls are important to your sales, it would be an advantage to track exactly how an Internet user finds your number and makes the call. They can find you either through a Google search, or perhaps having seen one of your online ads. But how effectively is your advertising generating phone calls? You can track whether a customer has performed a keyword Google search, and called the phone number listed on your website, or you can track whether a call-only ad has generated a phone call.

But what if a potential customer calls you three weeks after having jotted down your number on a piece of paper? How do you determine that the conversion is a result of your Google Ads campaign?

… you need to trace the calls

Today, Google Ads has a solution: a JavaScript snippet to be installed on your website. This free feature identifies the calls made from the call number on your website following a Google Ad search. Every time an Internet user dials your number, the call is being automatically transferred to a Google generated number. One call, one unique number.

You can then know the origin of each call, link it to an ad campaign, and measure the conversion rate. You can easily evaluate the return on your investment (ROI) by comparing the number of potential clients reached and the cost of your ad campaigns. You can also have access to a monthly historical log to help you evaluate your web marketing strategies.

This call tracing formula is not often proposed when discussing advertising investment. Even though it is extremely efficient. Talk to us, as we know all there is to know about it.

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