How to Optimize Your GMB Corporate File?

The Google My Business corporate listing is often the first image of your entity. It must therefore be at the height of your establishment and above all contribute to its visibility on the web.

Amauta Marketing, your agency located in Laval with clients throughout Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere in the world, explains how to optimize your GMB listing.

  1. Fill in Your Form Properly

Creating a GMB listing is a good start but is only the first step. Provide the most complete and accurate information about your business category, contact information and hours of operation.

Posting a website is another great asset: most of the time, your customers will want to check it out. Whether it’s to get more information about your services, your prices or your menu, having a website is essential.

Also, include as many details as possible on your website: delivery options, online appointments, activities offered, payment options… Be specific! The more information you have, the easier it will be for your potential customers to find you.

  1. Gather Opinions and Interact

Google reviews are not like friends: you shouldn’t count them on the fingers of one hand! Quite the opposite: the more reviews and comments you get, the more visible you will be in your potential customers’ searches.

In addition, the more reviews you have, the more trust you will inspire. When a customer has a choice between two companies, they will naturally go to the one with the highest rating: who could blame them?

To get more reviews, don’t hesitate to simply ask your customers to express what they thought of their experience.

It is also possible to send a clickable link to your customers, either by text message or email. If you explore the various features of Google My Business, you will notice that there is an option to generate a short link that leads directly to the “reviews” section.

Next, be active: respond to positive and negative reviews, be the face of customer service on your listing.

Platforms like LocalRanker can help you manage postings and responses to reviews to make it easier.

  1. Upload Photos

An attractive form is also a beautiful form, with photos. Indeed, the Internet user is typically more attracted by images than texts: aren’t they worth a thousand words?

So add representative photos of your company, which reflect your services and products. In fact, a profile picture and a cover picture can make all the difference.

As with the comments, don’t hesitate to encourage your customers to add photos themselves! This will make your listing even more lively and inviting.

  1. Improve Your Website for Referencing Purposes

The GMB form and SEO referencing make an inseparable pair. In fact, both are referencing: SEO natural referencing as well as local referencing thanks to the GMB card. A good listing and a good website influence each other to improve your visibility.

If you don’t have a website or if it is not optimized for SEO, it’s high time to get started! Amauta Marketing offers turnkey websites to optimize your SEO, designed specifically to make your business shine.

  1. Use Google Posts Regularly

This paid feature from Google is a great investment to improve your business visibility. These ads are visible for one week and will show you at the top of the search results for the selected keywords.

Since these ads are only visible for seven days, consistency is key. Again, this is a feature that works hand in hand with Google My Business, which will put your listing front and centre.

Google Ads is another service that Amauta Marketing can offer you, which helps you establish optimal strategies to progress, while respecting your budget.

Amauta Optimizes Your Results!

Specialized in SEO referencing and web strategies, Amauta Marketing in Laval, near Montreal, accompanies you with professionalism. As a partner in your success, our expert team takes the time to target your needs and offers you personalized and unique solutions to stand out on the web’s complex network.