Google’s New MUM Algorithm: 1000x More Powerful Than Bert


First announced in May 2021, MUM will add features to Bert, Google’s current algorithm. In 1998, Google revolutionized the web with a new search engine. Almost twenty-five years later, Google has completely changed the digital landscape and continues to innovate.

MUM: what will it do? How do we adapt to it? What will it change for Google users? MUM stands for multitask unified model. Let’s see how it works.

How Does Google’s MUM Algorithm Work?

Google’s new algorithm is still in production and will be more efficient. Currently, the Bert algorithm understands written language and works well for short queries. MUM tackles the issue of more complex expressions.

In addition to presenting a sequence of pages ranked by referencing order, MUM can evaluate the relevance of the content to be proposed by understanding the question asked. If you ask Google’s search engine to give you a result, it won’t always be the most accurate for your question, but the best referenced.

With this new update, MUM would be able to understand the question and deduce the solution. Instead of giving you the best referenced pages, it will give you the most accurate content for your specific query, whether the answer is on the first page of Google or on the tenth. MUM works thanks to artificial intelligence and is organized around three pillars:

  • Multimodal
  • Multitasking
  • Multilingual

MUM: More Visual Questions and Answers

MUM is multimodal because it can use all kinds of content to generate a result. In fact, it can use text, but also a question asked orally or even a photo. We can already do all this, but now MUM proposes to do it all at the same time, in the same search! This would mean that we could ask the algorithm to generate a result using a photo to which we would associate a question.

It is multitasking, because this algorithm could, with a more advanced treatment of complex questions, give more precise results. To do so, it has to search for several elements at the same time – photos, videos, text, images, etc. It will then be able to give you this content for you to consult. At this point, several tries with different keywords might be necessary to find the answer you’re looking for. Google wants to make this a thing of the past.

What Content Does the MUM Algorithm Put Forward?

Another new feature of the MUM algorithm is that it does not only understand language, but it can also generate language. From the information available in 75 languages, it can give you the best answer to a web request, even if it comes from other languages.

The most important thing about MUM will be the relevance of the answer. It should answer your question as much as possible, even if it has to take it from a source in another language and translate it for you.

As you will have understood: MUM favors the precision of the answer to give all the space to the professionals in their field of expertise. This will require to double up one’s attention level in order to generate content that is not only unique, but as relevant as possible to answer questions that include more complex phrases.

Getting Prepared for the Release of the New Mum Algorithm

A release date for this new algorithm has not been broadcasted yet, but you can start adapting to it now. Think about how your content can answer complex questions users could have. You will need to position yourself as a reference in your field! Be careful, though: don’t forget to adapt your content to your target audience. It’s not very relevant to publish highly specialized content if your intended users can’t understand it.

There will be a fine line between relevance and popularization, and starting to think about this now can give you a head start. To prepare for this new algorithm, understanding who you are talking to will become more important than ever: you’ll need to answer the most complex questions internet users might have almost in advance. Do business with people who understand their field and are working towards your success.

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