Espace Garage Plus

“A prior relationship with a web marketing company resulted in our website not meeting our business objectives. An effective SEO and SEM strategy was non-existent. We asked Amauta to intervene and fix it as soon as possible. They quickly and successfully got us back on track”.

Roberto Wilson, President & CEO, Espace Garage Plus Inc.

Established in 2006, Espace Garage Plus specializes in turnkey residential garage makeovers. It is the leader in the Quebec marketplace.


Espace Garage Plus, after years of working with different web consultants to develop its website and SEO/SEM campaigns, was not satisfied with the results and professional relationships. As a category leader in a competitive market, they found their online presence deteriorating and being overshadowed by competitors. They wanted a fresh start with a hard-working website and SEO/SEM campaigns that delivered results. As well, their patience had run out and were looking for a positive relationship with a web marketing partner who would get it right, the first time.


Our challenge was to very quickly stop the bleeding. Espace Garage Plus was in serious trouble if it didn’t get its online marketing presence working to meet its business goals. We had to put “all hands-on deck” to identify threats, weaknesses, and opportunities, and then develop a strategy we knew would get results. Of course, we also had to have the production capacity to quickly execute all the marketing components.


Our first step was to conduct a full audit of the Espace Garage Plus web site and previous SEO and SEM campaigns. We concluded that the client’s sense of urgency was justified, the house was on fire and it required immediate action. We promptly pulled our teams together to create a brand-new action-oriented website, with relevant content that would elevate search engine results. In parallel, a new SEO strategy was quickly implemented to drive more leads and start to turn the ship around. For social media, a new profile on Facebook and LinkedIn were implemented which widened the brand’s reach to a high-quality audience. Once we had the website and SEO in line with our objectives, we began implementing SEM campaigns. All along, we worked closely with the owners and developed a positive, trusting, collaborative relationship which continues today.


Within a month, Espace Garage Plus started seeing a return on its investment. The new website was launched in just a few weeks, no small feat considering it has over 100 pages in both official languages. This new website was instrumental in putting into action our new SEO strategy and the results were highly successful.


Some of the performance results:

  • 275% increase in traffic in the first month of the new website launch
  • 332% increase in total sessions
  • 166% increase in Leads either by telephone or email originating from the website
  • #1 in Google organic results
  • #1 in Google My Business local results.

Our expertise and quick solutions helped Espace Garage Plus accomplish its objectives and they are seeing consistent results from a new website and SEO strategy. Its ranking on all major search engines has improved drastically producing more calls and email requests than ever. Espace Garage Plus is back on the right track. Mission accomplished.