“Amauta Marketing’s extensive SEO experience has seriously contributed to the rapid increase of our notoriety and visibility in the search engine results. Its expertise has significantly improved our positioning and allowed several dozen strategic keywords to be found on the first page of Google.”

Alain Boudreau | President

CentrixOne is a Quebec-based company whose primary objective is to support the growth of Quebec SMBs in both French and English. It propels small and medium-sized businesses with its simple and affordable solution based on a simplified prospecting and pipeline and intuitive interface. Based in Boucherville, a suburb of Montreal, CentrixOne is active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Quebec, Canada, and France. All its data is protected and stored in Canada.

CentrixOne is an all-in-one CRM solution specially designed for SMBs to centralize their contacts and communications in one place, integrate their emails and automate their marketing. By relying on the CentrixOne as their 24/7 virtual assistant, SMBs can let it handle repetitive tasks and focus on serving their and instead focus on serving their customers.

CentrixOne wanted a complete SEO audit and review of its website to increase its notoriety and visibility in search engine results.

Our challenge was to perform this audit and improve the positioning of dozens of strategic keywords very quickly.

A complete audit as well as a detailed review of the SEO of CentrixOne‘s website allowed us to do a thorough job of organic SEO. We made sure to dig and explore all the corners of this SEO and ensure that the desired results were at the rendezvous and thus contribute to the increase of the notoriety and visibility of CentrixOne‘s notoriety and visibility in search engine results.

We implemented a tactical keyword strategy to help us get more relevant and strategic content on the website. In doing so, we killed four birds with one stone:

  1. We added key content in French and English on a recurring basis on the website, which is great for Google’s algorithm.
  2. The addition of this content results in more visibility on a larger number of keywords.
  3. These new articles, on the CentrixOne blog, will serve as content to feed the company’s various social media accounts, which is also great for Google’s algorithm.
  4. Finally, links from these social media accounts will be directed to the website, which is also great for Google’s algorithm.


After three months, CentrixOne has seen its traffic from SEO increase by more than 50% and a clear improvement in the positioning of its strategic keywords on the first page of Google.

Our expertise, and the quick intervention of our team, allowed CentrixOne to reach its objectives precisely and quickly and to benefit from very concrete results. We are continuing our work in this direction to allow CentrixOne to continue to increase its notoriety and visibility in the search engine results.