In online advertising there are two opportunities you should be aware of. First, YouTube has become a powerful and popular opportunity and remarketing may be a tactic you are not taking advantage of. Here’s how to get the most of these strategies.

Link your Google Ads account to your YouTube channel

It’s the number 2 search engine in the world and it’s growing. In 2018, YouTube had 5 billion videos are screened each day and its mobile revenues have doubled over the last 3 years. As well, 60% of people prefer watching video content online versus television and YouTube attracts a large contingent of these viewers. If you have a company Google ads account, you automatically have a YouTube account. However, you should create a YouTube channel as well, and link your Google Ads account to your channel. It only takes a few clicks to get it done. Once linked, you can align your ads and video campaigns and analyze the results with the help of Google KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Target your audience

Before you launch a campaign, carefully choose your target audience. Many criteria allow you to define a target audience: interests, lifestyle, specific demographic data (age, hometown, gender) or a theme which relates to your products or services. Then study the keywords used by Internet users in their searches. You can also use remarketing to target users who have already shown interest in your products or services – they have been on your website for example – and make another impression on YouTube by showing a video ad from your brand. This helps improve your offer memorization rate with users. But be cautious not to repeat an ad too often.

Pick an ad format

There are a variety of YouTube ad formats available. The most interesting, we think, is the Instream format of TrueView type ads. It is a short ad from your company which appears as a video at the beginning (pre-roll) or in the middle (mid-roll) of video content which can be skipped by the user after 5 seconds. You only pay if the user watches 30 seconds or more of your ad.

Contrary to what you might think, skippable ads have better performance than those that cannot be skipped because the user has the choice and does not become frustrated. Result: only the good ads are rewarded. It is essential to be convincing and to communicate your main message and brand name in the first 5 seconds.

For more details and to further explore this topic, the Amauta Marketing team will be delighted to answer your questions.

Have you created a YouTube channel, but it only serves to store your videos which are mostly viewed mostly on your website or other social media? Are you ready to increase the number of your subscribers? Here are 5 tips to add value to your YouTube channel and develop your subscriber community.

  1. Create you subscriber community on YouTube

As you know, when it comes to the web, content is king, and your YouTube subscribers always want to see more quality content. Remember that your success on YouTube lies essentially on your subscribers since they will spend more time watching your videos than any other YouTubers. On YouTube, the time spent watching videos is paramount. The higher the time duration, the more your videos have a chance to appear in the first search results and in recommendations. Therefore, it’s important to develop a faithful subscriber community who love your channel and watch your videos.

Did you know when an Internet user subscribes to your channel, YouTube can send them a notification to tell them when you publish new videos on your channel? Your subscribers are usually the first to watch the content you put online which increases your views which then increases the visibility of your channel on the Internet. Your subscribers are the community of your brand so one must remember to interact with them through comments and dedications. You could reward your fans and interact with them to maintain a faithful community and reduce drop-offs.

  1. Optimizing the natural referencing of your videos
  • Insert your main keywords into the name of the file or title of your video (a 60-word maximum limit)
  • Download HD videos and insert credits at the beginning and at the end with a rebate or a call to action to encourage conversion.
  • Carefully choose your still image or mini preview to entice viewers to click to see the video. The first impression image is important as it is shown on search results.
  • Think about optimizing your video description by inserting keywords or expressions. You should also add a link toward your website to incite the Internet user to do something (Susbcribe, Visite our website…, etc.).
  • Share your video on other social platforms and on your website while watching that it is embedded in your YouTube parameters.
  • Geotarget your video with “Location on the Map” option and specify the creation date of your video

Added tip: Adding sub-titles to your video allows you to optimize the natural referencing of any video.


  1. Analyzing your audience with YouTube Analytics

Consult YouTube Analytics statistics to know the traffic source on your channel, your viewers’ profile and viewing time. It is important to know how viewers see your videos and what is the profile of your subscribers in the YouTube Statistical Report. By analyzing viewing of your videos, you should be better equipped to define subscriber’s personas, to know where your fans are coming from (other social medias, website, etc.) and which are their preferred videos. You can also compare your subscriber viewing timeframe with other Internet users since they are the one allowing you to increase the number of your subscribers. What are the main characteristics of this video? You should create more videos in the same vein.

Once your viewer persona is done, you could launch a targeted advertising campaign to get new subscribers.

Here is the data that you can collect from your audience:

–        Performance parameters: viewing time, number of viewings and gains for each video.

–        Engagement parameters: preferences, like, don’t like, comments, actions and preferred.

–        Your Top 10 YouTube content: channels, reading lists and conversions in relation to viewing timeframe.

–        Demographic: by type of viewers

–        Geotargeting statistics and the most important traffic sources by time zone.

  1. Boost your subscribers with a Google Ads campaign

Launching a promotional Google Ads campaign for videos can allow you to enlarge your subscriber community or to increase the number of viewings and the commitment rates of your videos (I like, I share, comments, etc.). So, for this, nothing is simpler, all you need is to connect your YouTube channel with your Google Ads account, create your ads, define a global budget and use targeting options (geotargeting, age, etc.). An ad with lots of impact should be original, trigger YouTuber’s curiosity and contain a call to action such as “Click here to subscribe” or “Discover other videos on (channel’s name)”. Use the Video Targeting Tool which allows you post your ads on certain channels with an audience similar to yours to better target your campaign.

Look for producers of video content similar to yours on YouTube, add it to your contacts and when you put online a new video, send them a message with the « Send a message » feature to notice them that your video might be of interest as they could relay your video to their own audience.

Here are the target features to promote your videos on Google Ads:

  • Demographic groups: age, sex, family status or family income.
  • Areas of interest: individuals interested by specific topics, even when visiting pages on other topics.
  • Audience affinities: Internet users already interested in topics that you cover
  • Audiences of personalized affinities: audiences more adapted to your brands.
  • Audiences having shown a need in your market: select among these audiences to find clients looking for products and actively considering buying a similar service or product to yours.
  • Video remarketing: A good way to increase your subscriber numbers to your channel is to target viewers who have already interacted with your videos, your TrueView ads or your YouTube channel.

Tip: If you link your YouTube account to your Google Ads account, personalized contact lists will be creating automatically.

  1. TrueView ads on YouTube

A TrueView InStream ad is considered a tv ad: it is broadcast before the beginning of a monetizable YouTube video. YouTubers see 5 seconds of your ad, then they can choose to watch until the end or to ignore it. This format allows you to pay “viewing cost” which means that you only pay when an Internet user watches at least 30 seconds of your ad.

Using Google Ads pay promotion for your videos, you will have the choice between different ad formats specific to YouTube. To start an ad campaign on YouTube, you need to think about a payment method for your ads, available formats and means to attract new viewers to your channel. Then, the ad that you will create should have a corresponding format to your advertising objectives established upstream. For example, you could use as a TrueView InStream, a promo video singing the praises of your channel to Internet users. Furthermore, you could also broadcast it as an official trailer of your channel i.e. a sort of welcome video in your YouTube community.

TrueView InDisplay ads are shown in miniature and appear on YouTube Reading pages, in the right column in which suggestions and recommendations on videos to screen are posted. To fully optimize Display Videos, entice your viewers to discover more content: to watch your playlists and other videos. The choice of a miniature (a screenshot of your video), is essential, it should be attractive, original and in one loop, easily understandable to make YouTubers do something either by clicking on your video to subscribe to your channel or viewing other videos.


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