We are proud to announce that Amauta Marketing is now a Google Certified Partner. Only a few marketing companies, agencies, professionals, and web experts, are Google certified to expertly manage Google Ads campaigns. Google Partners are known for excellence, competency and experience on Google services and best practices.

As in many sectors of activity, web advertising has its own expert community. Today, many professionals and companies pretend to be web marketing experts, without the proper credentials.

But think about it. When you are looking somebody to manage your finances or your tax report, you prefer a Certified Financial Advisor or a Certified Professional Accountant, right? In the same way, it makes sense from a business standpoint to hire a certified professional to manage your web advertising campaigns.

Google offers one of the most recognized web certification programs and becoming a Google Certified Partner is not an easy task.

Companies earn the Google Partner Badge which means that the company is in good health, able to manage a certain volume and a variety of different types of web ad campaigns over a determined period and use Google best practices. In-depth certification tests under rigorous standards have to be completed on a regular basis to keep the Partner status.

Amauta Marketing offers the best possible level of service and solutions to our clients. Now that we are supported by one of the most important web experts in the world, Google, we are eager to offer new opportunities to our clientele through this partnership.

  1. Google advertising revenues are bigger than the whole of the USA printing sector.

Source : The Wonder of Tech

  1. 30% of companies use Search Engine Advertising while 28% use Display Advertising.

Source : MediaPost

  1. Total advertising expenses on the web is increasing by 16% annually and mobile advertising by 11%.

Source : TechCrunch

  1. 61% of marketing directors declared that search engines are efficient communication channels.

Source :  AdWeek

  1. More than half of web marketing budgets are dedicated to search, of which 31% is put to search engine advertising ads and 18% on search engine optimizing (SEO).

Source : MarketingProfs

  1. Regarding PPC ads, 86% of all advertising impressions are credited to the first four search results.

Source : ClickZ

  1. Overall, American marketing professionals will spend more than $103 billion in search marketing, display, social networks and email marketing in 2019. To be noted, search marketing will remain the largest part of total web expenses.

Source : MediaPost

  1. in 2015, search marketing expenses will reach $31.6 billion in the United-States.

Source : MediaPost

  1. By 2019, marketing expenses for search engine advertising and organic optimization will reach $45 billion in the United States.

Source : MediaPost

Canadian marketing professionals finally have access to a tool already available in the United States: call transfer. This means they will be able to measure in-coming calls generated by a Google Ads campaign.


The Smartphone: an essential communication channel of the digital age

Numerous studies have shown that telephone contact is the preferred communication channel for many prospects to contact your company. So, following up in-coming calls generated from a web marketing campaign is crucial for business owners to achieve a complete picture of the effectiveness of their marketing tactics.

According to a DialogTech study, mobile in-coming calls are on the rise, in particular those from landing pages and organic searches.


3 ways to generate calls from Google Ads 

  1. Call from ad exclusively and call extension
  2. Google call transfer number as displayed on your website
  3. Click on displayed telephone number on mobile web site

With Google call transfer numbers, Canadian marketing professionals have the ability to measure calls they receive from sponsored ads.

Local telephone number is preferred by prospects

By using a Google call transfer number as a call extension or in a Call only ad, Google assigns a unique telephone number to the ad. This can be a toll-free number, or a local number displayed in an ad while being displayed on tablets, laptops, or desktops.

If the ad is shown on a smartphone (iPhone or Android devices), a clickable call button is displayed.

Business owners can then analyze their in-coming calls with regional code caller, call duration and then record the conversions.

Google call transfer number displayed on your website

“Even though call extensions and call ads are very efficient, many clients or prospects want to better know your company by clicking on a Google ad and learn more on your proposed products and services on your website” declared Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, Google Ads.

The website call conversion feature is powerful since it automatically transfers calls originating from a Google call transfer number from your website. You can then identify, and measure generated calls from a click from a Google ad. When an Internet user clicks on your website telephone number or dials directly from their phone, you can assign a conversion value to the call or a keyword of the ad that has attracted the client.

A rigorous follow-up for more conversions

It is possible to index calls of more than 5 minutes for example, which can allow you to automate and optimize keywords bidding, generating better quality calls. Factors such type of device used, location and time of call are integrated.

No company can ignore the growing importance of mobile devices and the necessity to be in touch with the consumer at the right time in the buying cycle.

80% of the population do not leave home without their mobile device and 61% of smartphone owners do web searches on their smartphone every day (up to 15 hours a week).


Google Ads campaign steps

  1. Write a value proposition ad (product or service)
  2. Choose keywords or search expressions linked to your ad
  3. Define a daily budget (PPC)
  4. Display your ad on Google (above or beside organic search results)


Benefits of a Google Ad

  • Your company will be known at a local level
  • You can adapt your ad campaign to search results
  • Reach new clients at the right time in their buying process
  • Get in touch with clients independent of the device used (tablet, desktop, mobile devices)
  • Measure your ad campaign’s return on investment


Google Ads can allow you to increase your website visit numbers, in-coming calls volume and grow your web sales.

Increase the calls to your company

Call extensions generate on average a 6 to 8% increase in click rates. It is possible to add a telephone number as a clickable call button in your Google ads ad. For call campaign, ads are only displayed on smartphones. The call’s cost is the same as the CPC standard. You give Internet users permission to call you, even when they are on the move. PPC mobile ad campaigns allow you to be displayed in the first search results and reach Internet users about to leave home, looking for practical information and often very inclined to make a buy.

How to start your mobile Google Ads campaign?

  1. Establish SMART objectives

SMART means: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.

PPC is based on results and clearly defined reachable objectives, for example:

  • Increase the number of visits to your website
  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Improve the click rates
  • Reduce shopping cart drop rates (for e-commerce websites).

Your mobile marketing strategy should align with your business objectives. You can also concentrate on lead generation such as generating more calls or more searches of your company on Google Maps.

  1. Define your target audience

A targeted audience will help you reach the right people searching for your products or services at the right time in a competitive market. A solid understanding of search context; time, geotargeting and the device on which the search is performed – will allow you to choose the most pertinent search expressions for your ads.

Ask the right questions:

Who are your prospects and clients (age, gender, location, education level, average salary, etc.)?

What are they looking for or trying to achieve? What are their buying habits and interests?

When do they connect and search for information about your products or services and your company?

Where are they physically and virtually located? Where do they live, shop and where can you reach them (media networks, search engines, etc.)?

Why are they looking for this type of information and are you the best choice to satisfy their needs?

These answers will allow you to define your market and guide your advertising creative choices.

  1. Determine your keywords

Keywords or key sentences are at the heart of your mobile PPC campaign. These allow Google and other search engines to know which request your ad should respond to, what are your relevant products and services, and which moment your ad should be displayed. Keep in mind that more than half of the consumers doing a search on mobile devices are likely to buy in the next hour, so the right keywords are critical to meet this demand. Do not forget to include negative keywords i.e. keywords and sentences for which you don’t want your ad to be displayed for, you will reduce your daily budget by eliminating pointless clicks.


  1. Adapt your ads and landing pages to mobile

93% of Internet users doing a search go to a store following a mobile search. Designing your ads and landing pages to answer their expectations is the key to the success of your mobile advertising campaign. Adapting the design of an ad or landing page to mobile is not enough anymore: it should also use your keywords and talk directly to mobile users.

Best practices in terms of Google Ads for mobile:


  • Maximize your ROI by offering your target audience the mobile experience they expect
  • Activate ad extensions. It will have a stronger impact on your campaign performance.
  • Use keywords to incite prospects to act quickly.
  • Propose exclusive offers to mobile users.
  • Analyze performance, test and constantly optimize your campaign.
  • Define your key measures and the objectives you can reach.


Google Ads mobile apps for marketing professionals

Since the beginning of 2015, Google Ads mobile apps have allowed you to stay informed about your current ad campaigns wherever you are, from your Androïd smartphone. This allows you to easily consult your ads performance and ensure they are seen even when you are on the move with the help of a simplified version of your desktop account.

You can:

  • Receive alerts and notifications in real time
  • Update your bidding and PPC budgets
  • Consult stats of your ad campaigns
  • Improve your ads with the help of suggestions


As mentioned by Matt Lawson, Google Ads marketing director, at the Google Adwords Performance Summit 2015: “We look at our mobile device over 150 times a day. In todays’ connected world, a consumer expects that all his needs are satisfied via his mobile device”.

Studies show that 57% of consumers will not recommend a brand if its website is not responsive and 40% will switch to a competitor following a bad mobile experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with Amauta Marketing today at (514) 907-2131 for all your Google Ads mobile campaigns.

The end of the telephone book

How do you raise awareness of your company in the local market when telephone books do not exist anymore? Small and medium size businesses do not always have the means to invest in local advertising in newspapers or radio to get better visibility with potential clients in their region. Advertising in traditional media is expensive and less and less efficient since the advent of the web.

Referencing optimization of your website

The first communication investment for any company is without a doubt a professional website. To get good visibility at the local level, the company should prominently display its address on its website but also optimize its website on search engines (SEO). Geotargeting of a company on the web allows it to be found right away by Internet users searching more precisely for convenient, local products and services.

Mobile devices breakthrough

Mobile devices, using geotargeting, can be useful in 6 general categories: tourist guides, travel assistance, social networks, useful services, games, and urgent help. They can be an alternative to the yellow pages, but their efficiency is debatable as a local business directory.

What is Google Enterprise

Known originally as Google Maps Enterprise or Google Local, the Google local business directory, which is displayed in Google Maps search results, was integrated into Google Plus social networks platform in 2012. You cannot underestimate the importance of being on Google Plus to increase your web visibility in your local market.

Information displayed on a Google Enterprise page :

  • Company logo
  • Cover image
  • Contact information (telephone, address, email, website)
  • Products or services offered
  • Business hours
  • Company description
  • Consumer reviews
  • Posts on Google Plus
  • Photos and videos (linked to your YouTube channel)
  • Collections (posts group per subject)

Benefits of a Google Enterprise page:

  • Promote your content on your YouTube videos (with the possibility of linking your YouTube channel to Google Plus) and be active on a new social platform
  • Geotarget your company on smartphones (Google offers custom search results from the geographic position of the user)
  • Optimize your referencing on search engines in particular on Google (#1 search engine in the world with 90% of all web requests)
  • Web posted for free and displayed in the first search results based on very competitive keywords
  • Generate quality traffic toward your website
  • Standout from your local competition and be found by prospects before your competitors
  • Increase the number of local calls by clicking on a call direct link to your phone number (available on smartphones)

Google Plus ensures a local referencing

Even though this social media platform is not very popular in Quebec (versus Facebook who is still #1), your company should seriously consider creating a page. A recent American study has shown that Google favors Google specialized search services such as Google Enterprise which displays companies close to your geographic location (geotargeting) when answering a web request.

Amauta Marketing can assist you with its Web Solutions for Small and Medium size Businesses service. Have a look at this video to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8zGzBknOaY

Did you know that 43% of conversions are from the telephone? And that 65% of companies consider their call service as the most profitable source of quality prospects.

The majority of your potential clients gets in touch with your company by telephone. And often, the people who contact you directly by telephone have an urgent need for your products or services. All this underlines the importance that companies measure and track calls originating from their PPC web campaign.

What is Call-tracking?

Call-tracking is about assigning a unique phone number that you can add to your website or promo material. Then, from this number, you can record your incoming calls and all dates linked to these calls. You can also choose different telephone numbers depending on the communication method your prospects use to reach your company. This multiple number technique allows you to analyze your communication campaign results based on channels used. This call-tracking solution allows also to display with dynamic fashion your call numbers on your website based on Internet user source of visit.

Why track your calls from Google Ads?

  • To measure precisely the return on your investment (ROI) on buying referencing
  • To efficiently manage calls from PPC campaign
  • To follow calls generated by a campaign or a specific keyword

When you know the origin of your telephone prospects it allows you to make wise strategic decisions and more effectively determine your marketing budget and sale strategy. Without telephone data, companies limit themselves to only the data analysis through web forms. It results in important off-line prospects with no follow-up and lost sales.

The benefit of tracking calls from Google Ads: Which keywords drive conversions?

More than half of marketing professionals say that growing the number of incoming calls generated by their web advertising campaigns (Google Ads) is their priority, since telephone calls have a higher conversion rate. Using a tool to track the number of incoming calls not only allows you to know precisely which keywords have led to calls, but it also allows you to measure the return on your investment (ROI) of your web advertising campaigns. You can then focus on using the keywords that effectively convert more offline prospects and remove keywords that are performing poorly in the context of a PPC campaign. 

What data is obtained when a call is tracked?

We track the duration of each call; we record the conversation and we report a variety of data such as geotargeting (geographic zone of the issuer), device type used to make the call (smartphone, landline) and more.

Here’s how call tracking works in 4 steps:

  1. A prospect does a web search, sees your ad and clicks on it.
  2. They are then redirected to a landing page on which is displayed a unique telephone number that we can track (such as a Google Ads Call Extension)
  3. The Internet user then clicks (or calls) the number at this step the call is transmitted to your company.
  4. Once the connection with your company is established, data on the caller is collected, including the keyword that led to the call, the duration of the call and the originating ad campaign.

Determine the number of calls generated by each of your advertisements

We all know, it is easier to demonstrate the return on investment of your web conversions with Google Analytics in particular versus those acquired by offline tactics. A call-tracking software allows you from then on to easily track the return on investment (ROI) of your telephone conversions as a result of a PPC campaign. You then have a clear picture (web and offline) of your PPC expenses.

Improve your customer service by tracking your calls

Another advantage of call tracking is that through the analysis of your calls you’ll also know the expectations and interests of your clients and prospects. You’ll see their common questions and how well your company provides answers. As well, you will discover how your prospects came to find out about your company and through the recording of the calls, you’ll see how effectively your sales team communicates with them by telephone. You can then improve your customer service by meeting their expectations while optimizing your customer acquisition campaigns.

You would like to know more about call-tracking?

Amauta Marketing is now offering this new service, get in touch with us and speak to an expert at (514) 907-2131 or visit the dedicated section of our website.


A website is like a shopping window, a window the whole world can look inside. It is the first impression Internet users will have of your company. Yet, almost one third of entrepreneurs create their own website and make mistakes. In the end, this harms their businesses directly, ending up costing them money. The best advice is to call a specialized web marketing agency to develop your website, instead of jumping into an expensive adventure. But if you are intent on DIY, here are some pitfalls to avoid while creating your website:

No call-to-action

Your call-to-action is most often a clickable button. It starts with an action word (Click Here, Enter to Win, Call 1 800, etc.) to provoke the Internet user to do something. If your contact info isn’t obvious, clients will question why they are visiting this website or wonder what you have to offer to fulfill their needs. Yet, 93% of small and medium size businesses have a website with no email address and 49% don’t have a telephone number on the home page.

Obsolete design

Creating a website entails the web interface i.e. architecture, page organization, tree and navigation. Effective web design takes in consideration specific constraints specific to the Internet such as bandwidth, usability and accessibility. Around 41% of entrepreneurs wishing to improve their website estimate that design is their most important factor.

Complicated updates

When you update your website yourself, you risk losing precious time especially if you don’t have an easy to use CMS (Content Management Software). In fact, 64% of business owners think that updating their website is a major challenge. And 25% declare that maintenance costs are the main obstacle to updating their website.

No stats

Without data analysis linked to their website, companies are depriving themselves of an essential information source with which to measure their website performance. They can’t identify their website’s strengths and weaknesses, Internet user’s navigation preferences and ways to increase conversions. Yet, 75% of companies still don’t use any analytic tool such as Google Analytics. And 60% estimate that they do not have the necessary competencies to first understand the data, but also to solve problems and improve their website.

Non-existent or inefficient search rankings

The search ranking performance of your website is essential since it allows your potential clients to find your company when they are searching for your products or services. However, 26% of small and medium size businesses’ websites do not show on search engine results because their Google ranking is non-existent or too weak.

Not linking to social networks

By allowing your clients to share their experience with your company on social networks, you gain access to their contact network, and increase your visibility.

Not mobile compatible

Now a days, most Internet users consult websites on their mobile devices. Without responsive technology, small and medium size businesses are shortchanging themselves of a wide clientele. Yet, 60% of websites aren’t mobile compatible.

Lack of IT support

Without a dedicated IT technician, small and medium size businesses are exposing themselves to security breaches or expensive programming errors. When collaborating with experienced web marketing professionals, IT support is often included in the website creation costs. In total, 44% of small and medium size businesses have been victims of cyber-attack with an average cost of $8,670.

Offer your customers a professional, functional website, with elegant design, mobile compatibility and search engine optimization for a better interaction with your company.

Looking for an expert to review your website? Get in touch with the web marketing experts at Amauta Marketing either by telephone at (514) 907-2131 or by email at info@amautamarketing.com


With the beginning of 2015, we wish to share with you the success of our client “Les Anges de la Coiffure.” This small business is experiencing an increase of its revenues and awareness through online initiatives and investments since it opened for business.

Who are “Les Anges de la Coiffure”?

Following the loss of her job in aeronautics, Sylvie Bourget decided to make her dream come true to create a beauty salon specializing in wigs in St-Leonard, Montreal. Alongside her partner, Kathy Roy, they established a one of a kind beauty salon whose goal is to boost the self-esteem and self-confidence of people suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments or simply advanced baldness.

Betting on the web to launch their business

Right from the start, they decided to invest time and money into their website, which has become a real showcase of their know-how, quality of services and the friendly ambiance that prevails in the salon. “We understood, by asking our first clients, that the website was very important in their decision because the majority had visited it before coming to see us, and that, even if they have known us by an advertisement, a leaflet or a business card”, explains Sylvie Bourget to the La Presse journalist.

Making sure search engines would find them through SEO

The majority of their clients have discovered the salon through its website. This is a testament to achieving strong natural search engine rankings, and good keyword choices. In fact, the better your natural rankings in search results, the higher Google and the other search engines (Yahoo, Bing) will position your website in the first pages of search results. The “Les Anges de la Coiffure” website is constantly enriched by new, relevant content (photos, texts) and gets excellent reviews from clients.

Convert more prospects with web advertising

A surefire way to attract new clients to your website and generate more leads is through a Google Ads campaign. If your website is not optimized for conversion, you can always create a landing page featuring a specific product or service with a call to complete a contact form.


Use your website as a path to growth for your company

While the creation of a website may seem difficult and expensive, all small and medium size businesses should have even a simple site to ensure a web presence. It can make a significant difference in meeting your goals as “Les Anges de la Coiffure” discovered: “It’s been useful to the point that we have reached our clientele objective in two years versus the original five years expected. Things are going fine” says Sylvie Bourget. A website, even without e-commerce, can allow you to generate new prospects for your company and convert them into clients.

Turn your clients into brand ambassadors

“With time, it’s really word-of-mouth that brings new clients, but even those ones visit our website before calling. It’s a reflex that most people now have,” declares the salon owner, Sylvie Bourget. As she states, the awareness of your company goes beyond the web and what counts really is the quality of service that you offer to your clientele that will generate word-of-mouth. As a matter of fact, it’s because of its web site success that the salon has been contacted by La Presse to testify on the importance of a website for small and medium size businesses. Read the full article here published on January 6, 2015.

Come visit a friendly and unique experience

The “Les Anges de la Coiffure” is made of passionate specialists. Be it a haircut, a new-look or a wig consultation, you’ll find people ready to cater to your needs. Visit their website here.

Trust Amauta Marketing to create your website

5 years ago, the “Les Anges de la Coiffure” and Amauta Marketing collaboration started with the creation of a friendly website, followed by proper site management and the addition of fresh content (texts, photos) and finally by search engine optimization.

See the testimonial from the owner of “Les Anges de la Coiffure » on our web marketing services here.

Show your expertise and know-how, standout from your competition, attract new clients, give Internet users a reason to come and meet with you, and increase your revenues with your own website.

For companies looking to take advantage of the web to grow their business they have a choice of two ways to drive traffic to their web site: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Web Advertising. SEO can be a slow process and companies in competitive markets cannot afford to wait to get ranked on the first page of search results. This is one of the reasons there is more and more investment made in web advertising. “Web advertising is a marketing strategy offering quick and measurable results, and with the biggest return on investment (ROI). ”In fact, it is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system, which means that you only pay when an Internet user looking for your products or services on search engines, clicks on your ad to access your website. It is recommended you contact a web advertising expert with technical competences to manage your web advertising campaign.

Here is what he/she can do for you:

  • List relevant keywords
  • Manage your Google Webmaster Tool account
  • Establish your monthly PPC budget
  • Optimize your sponsored ads
  • Create your landing page
  • Provide daily follow-ups of your ad campaign
  • Measure results of your campaign

A Google Ads campaign can be expensive if keywords aren’t relevant, or if you don’t have the knowledge or time to do the management and necessary adjustments throughout your campaign.

10 reasons to hire a web advertising expert :

  1. Finding the right keywords is not an easy task

The search for the right keywords is important for the success on the web. Right away your web advertising expert will spend a lot of time on this and continue to monitor it all throughout a web advertising campaign. If you choose a wrongly targeted or irrelevant keyword, your monthly budget will quickly vanish, bringing you few or no results.

Here are the sources to look for keywords:

  • Google Keywords Tool (free)
  • Within the corporate communication of your company
  • From your competition (websites)
  • In your field of activity


  1. The writing of your ad can generate a strong conversion rate

One of the main advantages of working with a web advertising expert is their capacity to do a web review and competitive analysis. They know the landscape and how to analyze your competition’s advertising and create ads that convert based on their expertise. An ad with Google Ads is not as easy as it may seem, each word is crucial to increase the number of clicks on your ad, generate qualified traffic to your website, and convert prospects into new clients.

  1. Campaign follow-up and data analysis requires expertise

The foundation of any good web advertising campaign lies in the follow-up and data analysis. A precise analysis will tell you which ads and keywords are more likely to attract more conversions.

Google tracking code placed on your landing page or website requires basic know-how in HTML programming. It is best to ask your webmaster or programmer to do the installation for you. If you also wish to follow your sale leads from telephone calls, additional programming and expertise is then required.

  1. Are you fluent in web advertising terminology?

You probably know what “Pay-Per-Click” means, but do you know the meaning of: CPM, CPC, CPA? Are you still with us? And what about the difference between impressions, views and requests? Do you know what remarketing means? It is crucial to understand these words and terms to properly manage your web advertising campaigns.

  1. Tweaking campaign parameters can be tricky

In your Google Ads account, there are many parameters that you should understand and adjust to ensure maximum visibility to your sponsored ads on search engines.

Here are some essential targeting parameters:

  • Geographic zone: city, region, country, area
  • Monthly budget
  • Google Search Partners
  • Devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Languages
  • Bid strategy
  • Ad display mode (starting dates/end, schedules and days)


Without a thorough understanding of these parameters and sufficient web advertising experience, you run the risk of paying way too much for non-qualified traffic. A web advertising expert can help you avoid these pitfalls.

  1. What is an efficient landing page for you?


Relevance is not only a word used in SEO; it is equally important in web advertising. The more relevant your landing page, the less you’ll spend to convert Internet users into customers. A web marketing expert not only understands the landing page creative principles, they also know how to evaluate its relevance. An A/B test is a technique used by web marketing experts to compare many landing pages and improve conversions. In fact, this comparison can often reveal a conversion rate difference between 1% and 5%.


  1. Knowledge of your industry and experience with other clients

There is a strong possibility that your web advertising expert has previously worked with other clients in your category. The majority of web marketing agencies won’t collaborate with your direct competition. However, if they have run an ad campaign for similar companies like yours in the past, that experience could be beneficial to you.

  1. Stay on top of the latest trends in web marketing

A marketing specialist stays informed on the latest trends by reading blogs, news websites and specialized press. They go to events (including networking) and conferences in the field many times a year to stay current. They can also count on valuable advice from partners and colleagues who all have expertise and their own specialties (programming, graphic design, writing, strategy, etc.).

  1. Do you really have the time?

If you run a company, you probably already have hundreds of tasks a day. Do you really have the time to manage your own Google Ads account and give it the necessary attention? Many marketing specialists approach web advertising with a more relaxed attitude thinking that it is simpler than SEO.

  1. Save by hiring a web marketing expert

With web advertising, you pay each time an Internet user clicks on your ad. That means your monthly budget could increase every month. Bad management of your Google ads campaign can drive up costs and increase exponentially. Unless you have the technical expertise, or Google Ads certification and SEO experience, you should always ask a web marketing expert to assist you, it will save you time and money.  A web marketing expert has the know-how in data analysis of your web properties (by using Google Analytics in particular) and they can provide an objective snapshot of your web presence. Then, your consultant will make the recommended changes to reach your objectives (awareness, conversions, sales). With a web advertising campaign such as Google Ads, you will get quick results (compared to SEO). This will generate targeted, qualified traffic and increase conversions and sales (for e-commerce websites).

If you wish to improve your web presence, increase your sales on your e-commerce website, or generate new leads on the web, trust Amauta Marketing and learn more about our web advertising service.


For the majority of companies, a website is the key destination for Internet users and a place for online shopping. Integrate these elements to your website to generate traffic, attract new clients and increase your sales.

  1. Optimize your website to improve conversions

Entice consumers to get in touch with you via a telephone number, a contact form or a direct chat tab. 66% of small companies do not have the contact form option to request information. Source: BIA/Kelsey

  1. Add a link to your social network pages

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help prospects obtain the information they need to make a purchase, particularly reviews from other consumers. 7 out of 10 Quebec social network users (69.8%) follow at least one organization, company or personality on social network. Source: NETendances 2014

  1. Make your website mobile friendly

Offer a simple click to call option, utilize geotargeting (Google Maps), and offer business hours and product or service information. 46% of consumers use their smartphone to do a product and service search and geotargeting of companies. Source: Marketing Land

  1. Create a blog with relevant content

Develop useful and easy to understand articles to your prospects and make them easily accessible and sharable on social networks. Optimize your website content for search engine referencing with relevant keywords. 28% of people interviewed have declared sharing content with more than 100 colleagues and 59% of buyers share it with more than 25 colleagues. Source: CMO Council

  1. Use captivating videos

Use captivating videos to establish your credibility and attract visitors with product demonstrations and client testimonials. 85% of Internet users will screen a product video that triggers their interest for a least 1 minute. Source: eMarketer

  1. Make your website easy to use

Pages that take too long to load, broken links, pages using Flash and difficult navigation, are inconveniences that could make your prospects walk away. 40% of Internet users will leave a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Source: Econsultancy