Launched in 2016, the TikTok app made some noise in the social network world.

Booming today, this new marketing tool gives brands and businesses the opportunity to stand out with their imagination, sometimes where other social networks don’t allow it.

Currently, the platform has more than one billion active monthly users worldwide, with an estimated usage time of the app of just under an hour per day, higher than Facebook. Also, in 2020, TikTok was ranked as the most downloaded application in North America.

With this growing usage, TikTok joins other social networks like Facebook and Instagram in the list of communication tools to be used by professionals. Therefore, in order to make the most of this application, a real marketing strategy must be set up. Amauta Marketing, a web marketing agency, accompanies you in the management of your social networks.

What are the advantages of using the TikTok application? On the contrary, are there any disadvantages linked to its use? Read on to get answers to these queries.


TikTok, The New Generation Marketing Tool

What Is TikTok?

Developed by the Chinese company ByteDance, the TikTok application is defined as a social network for sharing short videos, combining images, music, filters and other creative effects.

Offering the possibility to develop one’s sense of creativity, each user has a profile and can comment, like and follow their favorite accounts.

With its ease of shifting from one video to another or accessing different editing functions, the application has an addictive impact for its users. Highly appreciated by the young generation, everything is thought out with the aim that “tiktokers” do not leave the social platform.

The Advantages of TikTok

The integration of TikTok in a marketing strategy has several advantages.

Indeed, as we can find it on other advertising platforms, TikTok ads offer a “First-Party” and “Third-Party” targeting. The interest lies in the fact of interacting in a natural way with an audience targeted according to various characteristics such as geolocation, language or the mobile device used. Subsequently, relevant information about products and services is offered to users in order to convert them into customers.

Some studies claim that at least 60% of Generation Z, corresponding to people born between 1997 and 2010, have already made an online purchase via a smartphone under the influence of an ad.

Moreover, the viral effect of the content published on TikTok is undeniably a solid asset. Indeed, a relevant, attractive, unique and creative content can become viral and be propelled in trend as well as on the homepage of the users, made possible thanks to the “For you” algorithm. Through this viral process, a brand’s visibility and awareness can rapidly increase.

Today, only a few companies are using TikTok’s features fully and effectively. Thus, to stand out becomes accessible on this social network.

The Disadvantages of TikTok

In addition to the advantages displayed by the application, TikTok also has some negative aspects.

The first problem is specific to the world of digital marketing: performance indicators and analysis tools.

Indeed, with the increase of the use of the creative platform, branders who want to address a particular target do not have relevant statistics. However, before deploying an influencer campaign, objectives must be established. The lack of figures, caused by the lack of an efficient analysis tool, makes it difficult to measure success.

Similarly, a second obstacle could slow down the desire of professionals to commit to the application: the high cost of advertising.

Advertising rates on TikTok depend on several factors, such as the advertising format, the duration of the campaign or the bidding allocated to the ads. In-feed advertising, characterized by a full-screen video of 5 to 30 seconds, which contains a link leading directly to an external website, remains a good way to develop brand awareness and increase traffic towards your site. However, a significant budget is necessary to put up with relatively high costs.

Amauta Marketing Takes Care of Your Social Networks

On TikTok in particular, and social networks in general, the stakes are high. To fully commit oneself in order to develop one’s notoriety and to drive more traffic on one’s website requires a real expertise.

Amauta Marketing, an agency specialized in web marketing, will help you achieve your goals. Its team of experts will help you make the most of social networks. With Amauta Marketing’s Ready, Aim, Fire! concept, let us guide you to approach social media in the interest of your brand. With Amauta Marketing, social networks become as easy as child’s play!

Social networks have become a necessity for any brand or company wishing to stand out from the crowd in the digital age. Assigning a social media management position within your company is often a wise decision, but you’re probably more of a self-starter! In that case, we will show you the 5 essential tools to effectively manage your social networks.

Why Manage Your Social Networks?

If I create posts from time to time, it should have a beneficial effect on my engagement!

Yes and no. In fact, there is no doubt that you need to make posts on social networks to generate engagement and enhance online visibility to your page in the long run. But did you know that there are better times of the day to post than others? Or that there are certain formats that are to be preferred, like images and videos?

We won’t go into the details of viable web strategies for social networks, but the following tools will help you get a clearer idea.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a Canadian social media management tool created in 2008. At the time of the rise of social networks as a web marketing tool, Hootsuite accompanied the largest companies in the world in their first steps on social networks.

Among other things, Hootsuite allows to set up a posting schedule in order to better organize your content and manage multiple accounts simultaneously on the same interface. If you have now a content idea for a date that’s six months away, put your content on the calendar and it will automatically be published on the selected date!

  1. Facebook Business Manager

As soon as a business page is created, you have access to the Facebook Business Manager interface. Included directly on the website, it allows you to access interesting data such as the number of interactions and clicks per published content, as well as graphs displaying the statistics of your page over a given period.

Facebook Business Manager also allows you to optimize the scope of a post, for a fee that varies according to the targeted reach. You can also publish content on Facebook and Instagram from the same account. A practical and user-friendly tool, Facebook Business Manager is the perfect option for anyone looking to get started with their social media management.

  1. Buffer

Buffer has been in business since 2010 and offers an all-in-one platform to help you manage your social networks efficiently. With a publication calendar, engagement measurement and data analysis tools, Buffer interface is intuitive and accessible to everyone.

Its calendar allows you to manage multiple publications for multiple social networks simultaneously (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn). Buffer can take control and publish at a given time, but it can also remind you when to publish a subject matter if you want to take care of it yourself and add the finishing touches to a content. This is often what makes the difference between good and great content on social media!

  1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck offers an interface to better manage Twitter. You can create “collections” that group the accounts you want to monitor more closely or pool them by theme. Tweetdeck allows you to make a strategic watch on Twitter by grouping your news feed, your notifications, your messages and what is currently trending on Twitter on the same screen.

A real newsroom in your pocket or on your desktop, Tweetdeck helps you not to miss a single tweet and to be one step ahead of what’s happening on the network in real time. Ideal for gathering information, this platform focuses on people who want to take their Twitter account management to the next level.

  1. Later

Later allows someone who manages their networks without the help of a team to have the right tool, designed to be easy to use. Allowing you to connect all of your social media accounts on one platform, you can also customize posts to be published on one particular network, a few accounts, or on all of your accounts at the same time.

Later offers more advanced tools if the focus of your business is Instagram: with a visual planner for your posts and stories, Later gives the opportunity to manage your networks worry-free.

Amauta Marketing: The Reference in Value-Added Web Marketing

All these tools are extremely useful, but they are much easier to use with the right web marketing strategy!

At Amauta Marketing, we are passionate about web marketing driven by measurable results. Our specialists will assist you in planning a winning web strategy that will definitely help you stand out from the competition.

Located in Laval on the North Shore of Montréal, we specialize in finding and implementing innovative solutions to grow your business on the web. Contact us today.


If you’re a web specialist, you are probably aware of the latest vocabulary and acronyms. If not, as a novice, it’s time to become familiar with some of the terms frequently used in the digital world.

As a result of the merger between SEO (Search Engine Optimization), otherwise known as organic or natural referencing, and SEA (Search Engine Advertising), or paid search, the term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is very often used when dealing with digital marketing.

Combining these two first techniques of referencing, the objective of this SEM strategy aligns in the development of visibility on the web by allowing the advertiser to appear in the first results of the pages of search engines, also called SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

What are the noteworthy differences between SEO and SEA? How do these two SEO techniques complement each other and form SEM? What is the real strength of this combination?

Amauta Marketing, an expert web marketing agency in Laval, with clients in the greater Montréal area and elsewhere in the country, answers these queries.

SEM: Everything You Need to Know About How It Works

What Is SEO?

SEO can be defined as a set of actions implemented by an advertiser in order to optimize its position in the organic results of search engine pages.

The term “natural referencing” takes on its full meaning because no advertising investment is necessary. The result is based on several factors such as the quality of the content, the keywords used, the external links (backlinks) leading to third party pages or the internal linking.

Consequently, this method emphasizes a meticulous and technical work. By its natural or organic aspect, a contrast is established with paid techniques.

What Is SEA?

Depending greatly on your advertising portfolio, this second SEO technique is aligned with the same main objective, which is to increase visibility on the web through a comfortable position on the results of various search engines.

SEA differs from SEO by its immediate but costly benefits. Indeed, as opposed to natural referencing, the principle of this strategy is based on a system of advertisements resulting from a principle of keyword submissions. In this situation, if the marketing campaign is well conducted, your ad can quickly land at the top of the search results.

However, keep in mind that the operation depends fully on the budget allocated to the campaign. Without investment, the traffic to your site will be nil.

SEM: A Global Web Referencing Strategy

SEO + SEA: A Winning Combination

If SEO and SEA appear as two techniques that are opposed in form but similar in content, a complementarity exists between them, giving birth to SEM.

Being perceived as a grouping of digital marketing techniques and not as a single method in itself, the goal of the Search Engine Marketing strategy is to develop the traffic of a website through SEO and SEA techniques.

Indeed, the principle of SEM is based on the fact of being positioned in a natural way in the first results of the search engines in the long term, while optimizing the visibility in a punctual way through paid campaigns and rigorously targeted, provoking an impact in the short term. The role of keywords, common to SEO and SEA, will be decisive.

SMO, The Contribution of Social Networks

Last component of this marketing ecosystem, SMO (Social Media Optimization) gathers actions implemented to increase the visibility of a brand or a company on the web through social networks.

Indeed, in the generation of traffic, social networks can have an impact. YouTube is particularly important in search engine results. It is common to see videos from the platform displayed in the SERP.

Also, let’s not forget that social networks are also responsible for brand awareness and, consequently, for search engine optimization.

Finally, it is possible to conduct advertising campaigns via social networks in order to develop its digital visibility. To do so, many tools exist.

Amauta Marketing, Web Marketing Agency Expert in SEO

Definitely, the control of SEO requires real in-depth skills and a certain experience on the subject. Every company has specific needs, depending on its positioning, its budget and its field of activity.

Amauta Marketing in Laval offers you a personalized accompaniment by setting up the best possible strategy to meet your expectations. Composed of digital experts, the web marketing agency, focused on measurable results, helps you develop your online visibility. These real SEO professionals are waiting for you!

Whether you are a big box store, a well-known restaurant, a local boutique or a digital agency, we all ask ourselves the same question: how can we generate traffic on our website and social networks?

Amauta Marketing in Laval, with clients in the greater Montreal area and across Canada, reveals its best strategies for 2022.

  1. Focus on Social Networks

If you are looking for more exposure or if you are seeking to quickly promote a product or service, social networks can help you reach your goals and go further. Take the time to prepare your release schedule, focus on your advertising messages and other information on your page.

Social networking will allow you to connect more directly, it will also enable you to influence leaders, create an attractive community and position yourself quickly in your field.

If you think that Facebook will give you good results, you are right. But it would also be wise to think about exploiting other social networks such as LinkedIn, which allows you to reach a more professional target, or Instagram to highlight photos of your products, for example.

  1. Online Advertising

From the outset, it must be said that online advertising is often more effective, easy to expand and less expensive than the more traditional advertising campaigns we have been so used to.

There are currently several types of online advertising. The most well known are: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, display campaigns (they are obtained by buying advertising inserts on websites or even applications), etc.

  1. Retain Your Clients’ Loyalty

It is important to know that your potential customers are curious and will look at the comments on your products and services. More and more popular on social networks and search engines, reputation management is becoming increasingly important.

Not only would it be advisable to respond to your Google or Facebook reviews, for example, but it’s equally critical not to leave an unfavourable review unanswered. Take the time to express your point of view and adjust it, if necessary.

In 2021, people are fond of stars and reviews, and they will be even more so in the years to come. Reputation management requires strict vigilance on the comments made as well as on the rating given to your products or services.

Finally, a 5-star rating with 3 reviews does not have much impact on potential customers. They are looking for a critical mass that will help them make their choice more quickly.

  1. Don’t Neglect SEO

For the past few years and for several years ahead, SEO will continue to play a key role in increasing the number of visits to your website.

For example, local SEO can quickly locate and find you. An optimized Google MyBusiness listing will ensure that you are quickly located on search engines. Even more, by doing local SEO on Google, you increase your chances of getting more hits on your website.

But there is another way to optimize your SEO. Organic SEO allows you to add content to your website, to make it more searchable and to give it more visibility. Nowadays, search engines are eager for content, but not just any content. Knowing how to write content for search engines requires both technical knowledge and the ability to find the right word. Frequency and regularity in your publications remain the watchwords.

In this perspective, the more unique content you put on your website with attractive photos, tags and links that lead to certain sections of your site, the more credibility you will gain and the more visible you will be. Be careful though! Your content must be plausible, based on true facts and be accurate. The length of your blogs will say a lot about your research and your interest in the subject. In short, entrust your blogs to digital specialists to increase your presence and your SEO.

Amauta Marketing, the Agency You Need!

In the heart of Laval, in the greater Montreal area and across Canada and abroad, Amauta Marketing innovates and propels its clients to their next level of excellence. An expert team takes the time to listen to you and offers you innovative digital solutions. Don’t delay, contact people who will team up with you to take you far!

We are not going to be lured into cutting corners when it comes to producing content on social media or writing blogs on current topics. Quality can be measured and it will make you more credible. Now read on…

Increasingly, Internet users are looking for quality content that contains accurate information and that allows them to develop a bond of trust with credible sources that they can quickly find in the right place. Amauta Marketing[1] in Laval, near Terrebonne, Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse and a few minutes away from Montreal, knows the Google market like the back of its hand and talks to you today about quality and consistency if you want to increase your market share on search engines in Canada and Quebec.

When Quality Content Rhymes With SEO

In the early 2000s, Google’s algorithm was not as sophisticated as it is today and quality content[2] was not registered as it is now. Nowadays, Google, like other search engines, has evolved and the algorithms, i.e., the sets of analytical calculations that aim to determine the Page Rank – the value of SEO – are much more intelligent and demanding.

Henceforth, content that comes from other existing sources and that is replicated in blogs or social media is quickly identified by search engines, especially if it is of poor quality. The result is indisputable: your content will not be indexed and will appear far away in search engines. Your written productions will not compete with those of your competitors and your local referencing will have failed.

While there are many elements and factors to consider in an SEO strategy, the quality of your written productions is an important element. Indeed, not only must you be able to adopt the right strategy for the use of keywords, for example, but you must also produce content that contains good information, that is catchy and well written. The quality of the French language becomes here a powerful asset in your SEO strategy, and it will pay off the more you publish.

Resistance Is Better Than Strength: Consistency and Regularity!

We talk about consistent written production when your blog or your social media posts contain precise, sustained and irrefutable information. The richness of your content will also depend on the quality of your research on the subject, the audience you are targeting and your ability to synthesize. As the trend points out, search engines are looking for unique, powerful and impactful content. Moreover, search engines like Google are fond of novelty and creativity.

Therefore, consistent blogs and posts that engage the audience have a better chance of turning into leads and giving your SEO strategy more weight.

But there is another element that cannot be underestimated: the regularity of your publications. When you start an SEO offensive, you should know that regularity will guarantee success, since Internet users will remain loyal as long as you give them this privileged moment, and at regular intervals. Inconsistent publications will be detrimental to your strategy.

An Easy Equation That Pays Off!

Finally, producing value-added content requires being creative, organized and close to your audience at all times. Publications written in impeccable English with consistency and regularity will guarantee success. Search engines will be interested in what you are doing and your audience will only grow. The benefits for your company become within reach…

Amauta: The Internet Marketing Agency in Montreal!

For many years, the passionate people at Amauta Marketing[3] have been exploring new ways to make your SEO even more optimal. They are SEO and value-added content pros. With their innovative solutions, the quality of their services and the respect of deadlines, Amauta Marketing stands out and plays in the big league at very competitive prices. For your global digital marketing solutions, your unique content and the search for new clients, Amauta Marketing has the tools to propel you far… very far. Amauta Marketing, your partner in success!




Have you created a YouTube channel, but it only serves to store your videos which are mostly viewed mostly on your website or other social media? Are you ready to increase the number of your subscribers? Here are 5 tips to add value to your YouTube channel and develop your subscriber community.

  1. Create you subscriber community on YouTube

As you know, when it comes to the web, content is king, and your YouTube subscribers always want to see more quality content. Remember that your success on YouTube lies essentially on your subscribers since they will spend more time watching your videos than any other YouTubers. On YouTube, the time spent watching videos is paramount. The higher the time duration, the more your videos have a chance to appear in the first search results and in recommendations. Therefore, it’s important to develop a faithful subscriber community who love your channel and watch your videos.

Did you know when an Internet user subscribes to your channel, YouTube can send them a notification to tell them when you publish new videos on your channel? Your subscribers are usually the first to watch the content you put online which increases your views which then increases the visibility of your channel on the Internet. Your subscribers are the community of your brand so one must remember to interact with them through comments and dedications. You could reward your fans and interact with them to maintain a faithful community and reduce drop-offs.

  1. Optimizing the natural referencing of your videos
  • Insert your main keywords into the name of the file or title of your video (a 60-word maximum limit)
  • Download HD videos and insert credits at the beginning and at the end with a rebate or a call to action to encourage conversion.
  • Carefully choose your still image or mini preview to entice viewers to click to see the video. The first impression image is important as it is shown on search results.
  • Think about optimizing your video description by inserting keywords or expressions. You should also add a link toward your website to incite the Internet user to do something (Susbcribe, Visite our website…, etc.).
  • Share your video on other social platforms and on your website while watching that it is embedded in your YouTube parameters.
  • Geotarget your video with “Location on the Map” option and specify the creation date of your video

Added tip: Adding sub-titles to your video allows you to optimize the natural referencing of any video.


  1. Analyzing your audience with YouTube Analytics

Consult YouTube Analytics statistics to know the traffic source on your channel, your viewers’ profile and viewing time. It is important to know how viewers see your videos and what is the profile of your subscribers in the YouTube Statistical Report. By analyzing viewing of your videos, you should be better equipped to define subscriber’s personas, to know where your fans are coming from (other social medias, website, etc.) and which are their preferred videos. You can also compare your subscriber viewing timeframe with other Internet users since they are the one allowing you to increase the number of your subscribers. What are the main characteristics of this video? You should create more videos in the same vein.

Once your viewer persona is done, you could launch a targeted advertising campaign to get new subscribers.

Here is the data that you can collect from your audience:

–        Performance parameters: viewing time, number of viewings and gains for each video.

–        Engagement parameters: preferences, like, don’t like, comments, actions and preferred.

–        Your Top 10 YouTube content: channels, reading lists and conversions in relation to viewing timeframe.

–        Demographic: by type of viewers

–        Geotargeting statistics and the most important traffic sources by time zone.

  1. Boost your subscribers with a Google Ads campaign

Launching a promotional Google Ads campaign for videos can allow you to enlarge your subscriber community or to increase the number of viewings and the commitment rates of your videos (I like, I share, comments, etc.). So, for this, nothing is simpler, all you need is to connect your YouTube channel with your Google Ads account, create your ads, define a global budget and use targeting options (geotargeting, age, etc.). An ad with lots of impact should be original, trigger YouTuber’s curiosity and contain a call to action such as “Click here to subscribe” or “Discover other videos on (channel’s name)”. Use the Video Targeting Tool which allows you post your ads on certain channels with an audience similar to yours to better target your campaign.

Look for producers of video content similar to yours on YouTube, add it to your contacts and when you put online a new video, send them a message with the « Send a message » feature to notice them that your video might be of interest as they could relay your video to their own audience.

Here are the target features to promote your videos on Google Ads:

  • Demographic groups: age, sex, family status or family income.
  • Areas of interest: individuals interested by specific topics, even when visiting pages on other topics.
  • Audience affinities: Internet users already interested in topics that you cover
  • Audiences of personalized affinities: audiences more adapted to your brands.
  • Audiences having shown a need in your market: select among these audiences to find clients looking for products and actively considering buying a similar service or product to yours.
  • Video remarketing: A good way to increase your subscriber numbers to your channel is to target viewers who have already interacted with your videos, your TrueView ads or your YouTube channel.

Tip: If you link your YouTube account to your Google Ads account, personalized contact lists will be creating automatically.

  1. TrueView ads on YouTube

A TrueView InStream ad is considered a tv ad: it is broadcast before the beginning of a monetizable YouTube video. YouTubers see 5 seconds of your ad, then they can choose to watch until the end or to ignore it. This format allows you to pay “viewing cost” which means that you only pay when an Internet user watches at least 30 seconds of your ad.

Using Google Ads pay promotion for your videos, you will have the choice between different ad formats specific to YouTube. To start an ad campaign on YouTube, you need to think about a payment method for your ads, available formats and means to attract new viewers to your channel. Then, the ad that you will create should have a corresponding format to your advertising objectives established upstream. For example, you could use as a TrueView InStream, a promo video singing the praises of your channel to Internet users. Furthermore, you could also broadcast it as an official trailer of your channel i.e. a sort of welcome video in your YouTube community.

TrueView InDisplay ads are shown in miniature and appear on YouTube Reading pages, in the right column in which suggestions and recommendations on videos to screen are posted. To fully optimize Display Videos, entice your viewers to discover more content: to watch your playlists and other videos. The choice of a miniature (a screenshot of your video), is essential, it should be attractive, original and in one loop, easily understandable to make YouTubers do something either by clicking on your video to subscribe to your channel or viewing other videos.


So, are you convinced to invest in YouTube advertising? Amauta Marketing can walk you through the management of your advertising campaigns. Find out how at: