The marketing agency market in Quebec is vast and very competitive. The choice of an agency depends on several factors, and in the digital age, it is important to be able to make the right choices.

Amauta Marketing distinguishes itself by the superior quality of its services, its customer support, its prices and its respect of deadlines. But that’s not all! When independent entities of national and international notoriety suggest Amauta Marketing in their list of winners, it is beyond doubt that this agency stands out in its field.

Before we talk about Amauta Marketing’s strategic positioning, let’s briefly review how the experts at this agency can guide you and take you far, very far…

Innovative services!

Many companies must now go the web route if they want to continue to grow and become even better. However, those that are already successful in the digital age must also continually innovate and excel.

The Amauta Marketing team offers turnkey professional services in the following main areas:

With its strategies that are closely tailored to the needs of its clients, Amauta Marketing, located in Laval, in the greater Montreal area, makes a clear difference in propelling your company to the forefront.

Thanks to its close relationship with the client, its active listening, its keen understanding of complex business issues, its exemplary knowledge of digital tools and its innovative solutions that will put you at the heart of the action, Amauta Marketing stands out from the competition.

What they say about Amauta Marketing!

Without fanfare, Amauta Marketing has been standing out for many years and several independent ranking entities of world-renowned marketing agencies place it among the best agencies in Quebec, in Montreal and in Laval.

The number of these rating agencies is quite remarkable and positions Amauta Marketing very high:

All of these ranking agencies place Amauta in their list of the best web marketing agencies on the market. Sometimes we are mentioned once or twice, but when 8 independent entities take the time to notice the work of an agency like ours and talk about it, there is surely considerable potential.

Therefore, Amauta Marketing is not only doing a good job, but it is backed with a team of specialists in the field who guide companies from here and elsewhere.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Quebec, remember that outsourcing your local or organic SEO, Google advertising and reputation management needs, for example, will save you the cost of hiring an in-house team.

It will also allow you to get an outside perspective of your company, your products or your professional services. Amauta Marketing’s experts will accompany you throughout the project and long after its completion.

With such a high ranking, Amauta Marketing is well positioned in the Quebec marketing agency scene. Many companies have an online presence (we see them on social networks and browse their website), but they don’t have a guideline or a marketing plan to catch the eye, and as a result, they lose many business opportunities.

Amauta Marketing’s experts are at your disposal to help you increase your visibility on the web and make it much more effective. With a team of experienced and talented professionals who make the relationship between entrepreneurship and digital marketing their priority, Amauta Marketing develops numerous web strategies based on the specific needs of your business in order to maximize the return on your investment and propel you even further.

Why Amauta Marketing?

For all the reasons we have just presented, go for Amauta Marketing.

But that’s not all!

Amauta Marketing is located in Laval, but has clients from all over Quebec, Canada and abroad. Amauta Marketing welcomes you without fuss, accompanies you in your various projects of exploitation of your company on the web and makes you earn points.

Amauta Marketing stands out for its expertise, its thirst to be at the forefront of progress and especially its desire to help businesses grow intelligently on the web today.

For all your web marketing efforts, it’s Amauta Marketing and nothing less!

This badge is only awarded to web agencies with expert-level Google Ads product knowledge. Amauta Marketing benefit from training, support and insights that keep its skills sharp and help drive your campaign. Amauta Marketing is proud, once again, to see its Google Ads competencies and expertise recognized as a Google Partner.


Reach more potential customers online, optimize your campaigns and get results. By building smart online strategies that align with your business goals, Amauta Marketing helps you maximize the return on your investment by having access to the latest Google Ads product knowledge. She has the expertise to set up and run campaigns effectively so that you can stay focused on your business.


Amauta Marketing, proud Google Partner

Once again, this year, our web marketing agency is awarded the Microsoft Advertising Partner badge (formerly Bing Ads). This badge is an indisputable proof of our specialist’s expertise in Microsoft Advertising web solutions. We are very proud to renew this partnership ensuring our clients first class web services.


How do you benefit from this program?

The Microsoft Advertising program gives Amauta Marketing opportunities to nurture and grow its intelligent search and digital business, exclusive access to the Microsoft community and technical experts, and recognition for its work with Microsoft Advertising.

As of next month, Amauta Marketing is moving to Laval offering to its employees and clientele a workspace better adapted to its growth and needs and those of its clients. Located between Highway 15 and 440, these new office spaces will allow it to improve its surroundings with a reception desk with waiting room, conference room, cafeteria, offices and training classrooms.

Since 2005, Amauta Marketing, a leader in web marketing – Google Partner Certified and Bing Professional Accredited – offers its services in French, English and Spanish and all those services are focused on measurable results increasing web visibility of its clients, maximizing return on investment and allowing growth in new profitable markets.

Amauta Marketing has undertaken the complete redesign of Espace Garage Plus website. Established in 2006, Espace Garage Plus is the first company in Quebec exclusively specialized in the design and makeover of residential garages.

The new Espace Garage Plus website was designed to allow for the renewal of user experience from an ergonomic standpoint, content access and navigation by presenting services, products as well as a selection of makeovers designed and executed by the company. Besides a blog, the website also showcases a product and accessory catalogue easy to consult. Finally, Amauta Marketing is also in charge of the SEO strategy and management of the Google Ads campaigns.

Backed by its web marketing service offer, the new partnership between Amauta Marketing and VSM Marketing will propose to VSM clients a selection of services in web demand generation as well as traditional teleprospecting and direct marketing.

Marketing strategists from both agencies are offering their combined communication and digital marketing expertise in strategic development, planning, realization, creative content and project execution with the aim of acquiring new clients.

“Together, our two companies offer a 360° solution to give a vigorous boost to the growth of our clients”, says Nathalie Gauthier, VSM Marketing president.

One of the fundamental values of Amauta Marketing is to get involved, to show social responsibility and support the right causes. Few things make us as happy as developing partnerships which go further than traditional commercial relationships. Therefore, we are very proud to be part of the creation and launch of La Maison des Amériques!

Our role in the launch of this project was, as you can imagine, to create the website, as well as giving marketing advice. It has been not only an honour, but also a pleasure to work alongside this innovative and talented team.

A bit of information on this extraordinary project: “La Maison des Amériques is the meeting place of the Quebec Latin-American community and for anybody wishing to be in contact with it. La Maison des Amériques provides social orientation as well as cultural activities and business development opportunities in a warm ambiance and with a personalized, diversified approach all in one place. We regroup, around our special and daily activities, a large gathering of the Quebec Latin-American community as well as a large representation of citizens and visitors interested to create a living space where culture, knowledge, products and services are presented and offered by the natives of this continent. La Maison des Amériques’ mission is to become the central meeting point of the Quebec Latin-American community by offering social orientation, cultural activities and business development opportunities. We base it on experience acquired abroad by members of our community to facilitate the integration and personal journey of Latin-American immigrants to Canada.”

Amauta Marketing strongly invites you to visit the La Maison des Amériques website! It is not everyday that a brand-new house with an entrepreneurial, social and cultural vocation comes to life. And we are very proud to have contributed to its creation!

The new collaboration between Amauta Marketing and MBA Research looks promising. MBA Research is located in downtown Montreal and specializes in marketing studies, more precisely in quantitative and qualitative research. They have mandated Amauta Marketing to set up and manage its web advertising campaigns.

MBA Research employs innovative methodologies and tools to survey representative, stable and well-defined samples of the Quebec population to collect precise marketing information. Their clients get quick feedback from segments of the population on different topics, notably on consumer habits. This helps their clients establish appropriate marketing positioning and strategy to drive sales.

MBA Research is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) a well as Insights Association, and fully respect practices and codes of conduct of these associations.

Amauta Marketing’s work will occur upstream and will consist of promoting the company on the web to generate interest of new panelists and to entice them to join the survey groups.


As of June 1st, 2019, Google will collect and return sales taxes (QST) to Revenu Québec. Google is now treated like any international digital companies such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify, and others who sell intangible products and services.

For healthier competition

The announced objective by Mr. Legault’s Government is to provide a more equitable commercial framework to local companies who have never benefited from this dispensation while making their prices more expensive for consumers with the QST. It is also a way to recoup more than $150 million dollars until 2022-2023, as explained by the Quebec Government in 2018. Revenu Québec supplies a list of the 76 companies subject to these new rules. However, the Federal Government is not following in the footsteps of the Quebec Government and still does not impose tax payment of 5% (GST) on the web giants’ products and services.

Your invoice should be modified as of this Saturday

Either using Netflix video services, buying online products on Amazon, or using Google Ads services to analyse your clientele or managing your online ad campaigns, you will see your invoice modified to showcase the addition of the QST as of this Saturday.

If you have any question related to this, do not hesitate to call us up. As always, we will be listening and will try to make you life easier.

Audacity, perseverance and business acumen are among the terms chosen by the Centre d’Accueil et de Référence sociale et économique pour immigrants St-Laurent (CARI St-Laurent) to illustrate Hernan Cespedes’ journey to become President of Amauta Marketing.

Hernan has the honour of being contacted by CARI St-Laurent to be featured in the book published for the organization’s 30th Anniversary. The book features profiles of 30 immigrant entrepreneurs who have become successful in their own business sectors.

Our President has gladly accepted the opportunity to tell his story. He recalls his journey from selling newspapers at a young age in Lima, Peru to the creation in 2010 of his web marketing company here in Quebec.

Hernan arrived in Quebec at age 13 without knowing either of Canada’s two official languages, but he quickly embraced his new life. At school, Hernan was known for his contagious enthusiasm and his sense of initiative, and he headed many student associations both in CEGEP and later at McGill University.

He was also a founder of the Holà Montreal virtual platform which congregates Quebec Hispanic companies. He worked for many years at Mediagrif, a Quebec company specializing in B2B digital solutions.

Hernan recognized the potential of digital marketing from the beginning and took the time to learn as much as she could about the medium before setting out on his own. Today, he takes enormous pleasure in working with clients from Quebec as well as other Provinces, but also from the United-States, Latin America, and Europe.

His goal is to serve his clients with consistency and relevance and to show that anything is possible if one listens to the marketplace and works hard. It is his way to give back to his adoptive country and encourage new immigrants to achieve their dreams.