When you decide on a digital marketing agency, you want to be sure that you will get the expected results and go even further. On the web, level of competitiveness remains quite high: choosing the right agency is vital!

There are many agencies, and that’s why many independent entities help you navigate in a transparent way. The results speak for themselves: Amauta Marketing shines at the top of several charts and is highlighted by a large number of independent agencies.

Find out what they have to say about Amauta’s work that stands out in a competitive field.

The Best in Laval According to Three Best Rated

The quality of Amauta team’s services has not escaped the attention of the Canadian platform Three Best Rated, which helps consumers find the best local businesses in a wide variety of fields.

Among these, Amauta rose to the top of the advertising agencies list in Laval. It stood out on all points and even received a perfect score of 10/10 on 4 criteria:

  • Professional images
  • Proximity of the location
  • Presence on social networks
  • Website standard

Amauta’s team is highly dedicated to the quality of their work, and their hard work does not go unnoticed by their clients. The accuracy of the services is one of the many positive points identified by customers.

Contact information and operating hours also earn high marks, demonstrating the availability and dedication of the team members. According to Three Best Rated:

“[Amauta] offers services of all types, and they have the tools and expertise
to get the company noticed online.”

As the leading Laval company, Amauta Marketing shines above the local competition.

Amauta Marketing in the Top 3 in Montréal

By broadening the horizon to the Greater Montréal area, the team at Amauta Marketing is still among the leaders in its field. Independent agencies such as Datarob and Guttulus rank it among the top three in its field.

Datarob, an agency established in Eastern Europe and the United States, has recognized Amauta as being part of the top 3 in Montréal. Among other things, it accentuates the agency’s ability to create effective content to generate not only clicks, but a real increase in sales.

It also highlights Amauta Marketing’s successful work with well-known companies such as Bell Canada, the Red Cross and Averna. By enhancing your company’s digital experience, Amauta delivers remarkable results.

Guttulus, a company offering marketing consulting services to businesses, also features Amauta’s excellence in SEO. Both B2C and B2B services are underlined in the rankings. Whether your business caters to individuals or businesses, Amauta Marketing has the expertise and versatility you need!

The American marketing company Qualified also places the agency among the top three in Quebec for SEO through the purchase of advertising space.

A Work Worthy of Mention

In addition to the firms that specifically place Amauta Marketing at the top of the list, the team’s work is highlighted and recognized by several other rating agencies, including:

GoodFirms also points out the personalized strategies implemented by Amauta for optimal results. Once again, collaborations with prestigious companies do not go unnoticed, as Amauta has carried out projects for TVA, Birks, Le Club d’Investisseurs Immobiliers du Québec and more.

This is why GoodFirms ranks Amauta Marketing as one of the best lead generation agencies in Quebec, and among the best SEO companies in Montréal.

There’s no doubt about it, Amauta has carved out a place for itself in the competitive field of web marketing agencies. Its high-quality work has proven itself, not only with local references, but also internationally!

Make Your Company Shine

Amauta Marketing shines in its field and shows its ability to stand out in a competitive industry.

This means that the agency can do the same for your company! For a dazzling growth of your visibility on the web and of your company, do business with an agency that shines… and especially, that makes you shine.

Trust an expert team that has proven itself with local and international entities: choose Amauta Marketing.

One of the fundamental values of Amauta Marketing is to get involved, to show social responsibility and support the right causes. Few things make us as happy as developing partnerships which go further than traditional commercial relationships. Therefore, we are very proud to be part of the creation and launch of La Maison des Amériques!

Our role in the launch of this project was, as you can imagine, to create the website, as well as giving marketing advice. It has been not only an honour, but also a pleasure to work alongside this innovative and talented team.

A bit of information on this extraordinary project: “La Maison des Amériques is the meeting place of the Quebec Latin-American community and for anybody wishing to be in contact with it. La Maison des Amériques provides social orientation as well as cultural activities and business development opportunities in a warm ambiance and with a personalized, diversified approach all in one place. We regroup, around our special and daily activities, a large gathering of the Quebec Latin-American community as well as a large representation of citizens and visitors interested to create a living space where culture, knowledge, products and services are presented and offered by the natives of this continent. La Maison des Amériques’ mission is to become the central meeting point of the Quebec Latin-American community by offering social orientation, cultural activities and business development opportunities. We base it on experience acquired abroad by members of our community to facilitate the integration and personal journey of Latin-American immigrants to Canada.”

Amauta Marketing strongly invites you to visit the La Maison des Amériques website! It is not everyday that a brand-new house with an entrepreneurial, social and cultural vocation comes to life. And we are very proud to have contributed to its creation!

Audacity, perseverance and business acumen are among the terms chosen by the Centre d’Accueil et de Référence sociale et économique pour immigrants St-Laurent (CARI St-Laurent) to illustrate Hernan Cespedes’ journey to become President of Amauta Marketing.

Hernan has the honour of being contacted by CARI St-Laurent to be featured in the book published for the organization’s 30th Anniversary. The book features profiles of 30 immigrant entrepreneurs who have become successful in their own business sectors.

Our President has gladly accepted the opportunity to tell his story. He recalls his journey from selling newspapers at a young age in Lima, Peru to the creation in 2010 of his web marketing company here in Quebec.

Hernan arrived in Quebec at age 13 without knowing either of Canada’s two official languages, but he quickly embraced his new life. At school, Hernan was known for his contagious enthusiasm and his sense of initiative, and he headed many student associations both in CEGEP and later at McGill University.

He was also a founder of the Holà Montreal virtual platform which congregates Quebec Hispanic companies. He worked for many years at Mediagrif, a Quebec company specializing in B2B digital solutions.

Hernan recognized the potential of digital marketing from the beginning and took the time to learn as much as she could about the medium before setting out on his own. Today, he takes enormous pleasure in working with clients from Quebec as well as other Provinces, but also from the United-States, Latin America, and Europe.

His goal is to serve his clients with consistency and relevance and to show that anything is possible if one listens to the marketplace and works hard. It is his way to give back to his adoptive country and encourage new immigrants to achieve their dreams.

Amauta Marketing is very much involved in the Quebec Latin-American Chamber of Commerce (LACC). And for good reason, our founder, Hernan Cespedes, is a Montreal entrepreneur of Peruvian origins who wishes to share his experience and knowledge with other Latin-American entrepreneurs.

On September 23, 2014, on the occasion of the Americas Gala, the agency has been nominated in Company of the year category. It was one of the 4 finalists amongst many participants. “This important event aims to recognize the talent and achievement of businesspeople (managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, free-lancers and volunteers of Latin-American origins and constitute an exceptional forum to illustrate the integration, development and fulfillment of the Latin-American community in Quebec”.

Furthermore, Hernan Cespedes gave a speech on web marketing January 15 as part of the Launching a company program, sponsored by Marguerite Bourgeoys School Board (MBSB) in collaboration with the Latin-American Chamber of Commerce (LACC).