B2B and B2C in the Age of Digital Marketing

B2B et B2C à l’ère du marketing numérique

It doesn’t always seem easy to distinguish between B2B and B2C businesses if you don’t work in the field of digital marketing and, more specifically, if your business activities are largely conducted on search engines in Canada.

Amauta Marketing in Laval, with clients from all over Quebec, Canada and abroad, knows the Google market thoroughly and has specialized in digital marketing for many years.

It distinguishes for us between B2B and B2C to better understand these abbreviations, but also to establish strategies that will increase your market share on search engines.

B2B and B2C in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing experts who have both types of businesses as clients will tell you that understanding the differences between B2B and B2C is important, if not fundamental, to developing winning digital strategies for their clients.

The term B2B, widely used in marketing agency jargon, refers to the business-to-business relationship. Simply put, the B to B refers to all the means used to connect companies in order to facilitate exchanges, whether it be products, services or information between them. We can cite the case of a content agency that markets a professional services offer with a large communications company by proposing its internal and external communications review services. This company will therefore contract with another company.

As for the abbreviation B2C (business to consumer), it refers to the relationship between companies and consumers. It refers more to products and goods intended for the general public. B to C experts use marketing techniques that are aimed at the general public in the context of a purely commercial activity. One can think here of a car dealer who sells new and used cars to individuals.

In short, most of the time, B2B marketing focuses on process-oriented purchasing decisions, while B2C marketing focuses on emotion-oriented decisions to satisfy consumer needs.

Digital Marketing and Customer Relationships

From these few distinctions, B2B in the age of digital communications is about the ability for companies to generate leads by building more personal relationships that typically drive long-term business. You build your brand by standing out from your competitors and establishing personal relationships that will keep you in the buying cycle.

B2C, on the other hand, is more about driving consumers (general public) to products or services on your client’s SME or large company website in order to drive sales. Often, the strategy used will be that of Google advertising, highlighting products that are intended for the general public. Not surprisingly, B2C companies clearly value efficiency and focus on the transactional.

In brief, B2B companies work in a more specialized market, often called niche. In contrast, B2C companies focus on a larger market and on a larger scale. This is why they seek to develop transactional relationships that will yield results.

Amauta Marketing, a Digital Strategist of Choice!

At the heart of digital strategies, Amauta Marketing in Laval is a leader in digital marketing and closely follows the global trends of the web market. With its team of specialists, Amauta Marketing overlooks nothing.

Although the company makes a distinction between B2B and B2C in the era of digital communications, it is well aware that more and more professionals and individuals are looking for a real proximity with companies before placing their trust in them and doing business.

In this respect, it dominates the Google market and that of other search engines in Canada, because it knows that a company, before specializing in B to B or B to C, is first and foremost a person-to-person entity that must be known and understood. The best strategies come from knowing the company and its audience. Amauta Marketing knows how to do things in the right order.

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