Aire D3

“Amauta took us from a small company, with very little awareness, to a leader in the category with a strong online presence and a more robust bottom line”.

Martin Forgues, Principal, Aire D3 Inc.

Established in 2011, Aire D3 is a Quebec-based, family-owned company that offers efficient, permanent, and complete soil decontamination solutions. They provide services for projects of all sizes, from small residential sites to large-scale industrial locations.


When Aire D3 approached us for digital marketing services, we knew they were a small team, with extensive expertise and experience in their field. We also knew they had very happy customers, but the business was suffering from slow growth. The company had only 3 employees, the partners, who were doing everything. They had very little equipment of their own and were renting the trucks and materials they needed to service customers. They were also finding it hard to gather new sales leads, and it took a lot of time and energy to convert them into paying customers. Although Aire D3 were one of the “best in the business,” they lacked online brand awareness in their category.


Aire D3 wanted a more effective web site and an SEO campaign that could drive more high-quality traffic and enquiries. They needed to increase their online visibility, but also wanted a solid return on investment.


We quickly built a new, turnkey small business website for Aire D3, filled with relevant content to increase their ranking on search engine results. With the web site in place, we then devised a data-driven SEO strategy to build awareness and start driving customer enquiries. Next, we launched a Google Ads pay-per click campaign. This gave Aire D3 guaranteed positioning on highly targeted search results pages while respecting their budget.


Soon Aire D3 started to see their investment pay off. Web site traffic dramatically increased, and more importantly, the traffic was high quality and could be converted with less time and effort. In fact, the response was so powerful, the marketing campaign had to be put on hold for a period, due to the overwhelming number of leads that were being generated by the campaign. 

Some of the performance results:

  • 427% increase in leads through their website, either by telephone or email
  • #1 in Google organic search results

Our expertise and quick solutions helped Aire D3 grow exponentially. Remember the 3 partners with no equipment? Today Aire D3 has 20 employees, 4 trucks, 4 excavators and a trailer with an oil pump. That’s the power of data-driven marketing.