9 SEO stats to remember

  1. Organic searches on search engines represent 51% of all visitors on a B2B and B2C website, while sponsored links and ads such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, contribute 10%. Social networks represent 5% of all visits on a website.

Source: MediaPost

  1. Having a video on a website gives you a 53% better chance to appear in the first page of Google search results.

Source: 41 Stories

  1. An important number of +1 Google linked to a URL will allow you to benefit from better ranking in Google search results more than any other factor.

Source : Ber|Art

  1. To be ranked at the top of search results is a good thing, but to ensure an important click rate, your title and description should be of the highest quality. In 2015, search users spent less than 2 seconds, on average, consulting each. Source : MarketingProfs
  2. The first search engine result consistently captures the same number of clicks (32.8%). However, organic results, positioned from 2nd to 4th page, get a significantly higher number of clicks than in 2005 – 63% against 48%.

Source : MarketingProfs

  1. 89% of consumers start their web buying process from a search engine.

Source : Biznology

  1. Marketing professionals have ranked their 2015 SEO objectives:

Lead generation is the top priority for 61% of them and web traffic 57%. 54% want to improve conversion rates while 24% hope that their SEO investment will generate sales and revenues.

Source : MediaPost 

  1. 72% of people responsible for company communications rank search engine optimization (SEO) as an efficient means of lead generation and increasing web traffic to help meet their marketing objectives.

Source : MediaPost

  1. Main challenges in organic referencing are link building (named by 41% of company marketing managers) and keywords search (named by 39%). Source : MediaPost
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