1. Google advertising revenues are bigger than the whole of the USA printing sector.

Source : The Wonder of Tech

  1. 30% of companies use Search Engine Advertising while 28% use Display Advertising.

Source : MediaPost

  1. Total advertising expenses on the web is increasing by 16% annually and mobile advertising by 11%.

Source : TechCrunch

  1. 61% of marketing directors declared that search engines are efficient communication channels.

Source :  AdWeek

  1. More than half of web marketing budgets are dedicated to search, of which 31% is put to search engine advertising ads and 18% on search engine optimizing (SEO).

Source : MarketingProfs

  1. Regarding PPC ads, 86% of all advertising impressions are credited to the first four search results.

Source : ClickZ

  1. Overall, American marketing professionals will spend more than $103 billion in search marketing, display, social networks and email marketing in 2019. To be noted, search marketing will remain the largest part of total web expenses.

Source : MediaPost

  1. in 2015, search marketing expenses will reach $31.6 billion in the United-States.

Source : MediaPost

  1. By 2019, marketing expenses for search engine advertising and organic optimization will reach $45 billion in the United States.

Source : MediaPost

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