AS Hanging Display System (Canada)

“Amauta is the perfect partner for us, they share our values of excellence, attention to detail and building relationships. Since we started working with Amauta, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our e-commerce performance.”

Walter Moncade, Owner, President, AS Hanging Display Systems

In 1964, Alain Moncade opened a small art gallery in France. Along with art, he began selling the elegant hanging systems he employed. By 1983, he had established a gallery on Montreal’s Sherbrooke St. West and continued to build his business in hanging systems. Along with his son Walter, they have grown AS Hanging Display Systems into an international leader in hanging systems solutions. Based in Quebec, they provide only the best in hardware design, manufacturing, sales, and customer service. Customers include galleries, libraries, museums, corporate offices, residences and more.


An early adopter to the Internet, AS Hanging Systems built their first website way back in 1994. So when they approached us for digital marketing services in 2019, they already had a robust website and a background of selling products online. They also had recently updated their e-commerce infrastructure to deliver a more efficient, seamless user experience.


AS Hanging Systems needed to increase their online visibility, but also wanted an excellent return on investment. Therefore, any online marketing campaign needed to drive high quality traffic that would increase revenues and support the brand positioning of “hang with the best.” As well, they were looking for immediate results.


We quickly got to work and first developed a data-driven SEO strategy to build awareness and start driving traffic to the web site. A Google Ad Words pay-per-click campaign was launched to give AS Hanging Systems a cost-effective way to get a guaranteed high ranking on highly targeted search results pages. Then a display campaign using banner ads was launched to provide brand awareness and encourage click-throughs.


It wasn’t long before AS Hanging Systems began to see positive results. Over the first 6 months of the campaign they realized a 35% increase in online sales, compared the previous year. Web site traffic increased with solid click-through rates from Google Ads and display advertising. 

Some of the marketing campaign results:

  • Search Campaign: Click-Through Rate (CTR) increased from 2.46% to 10.02%. A 307% increase.
  • Display Campaign: Click-Through Rate (CTR) increased from 0.32% to 0.55%. A 71% increase. As well, the cost per click decreased during the same period from $1.48 to $0.30. A 79% decrease.

Our expertise, data-driven approach, and quick solutions helped AS Hanging Display Systems realize impressive growth as a result of their digital marketing campaigns. Not only did they improve the bottom line, they were able to leverage their state-of-the-art e-commerce platform to deliver an outstanding customer experience, and further build their brand.